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Unless you have been visiting somewhere outside our solar system over the last month, you have heard about the latest scare coming from the orient. Even some of our US Congressmen have taken up the warning because this virus can be contagious even without symptoms! According to the recent analysis published in The Lancet, family […]

Ask Dr. Jack & Mary – Synthetic Vitamins Revisited, and Unbearable Vascular Problems

Ask Dr. Jack and Mary

Ask Doctor Jack & Mary is a periodic feature where we round up the best questions we’ve been asked, and turn them into consumable information for our readers and listeners. Have a question for Dr. Jack & Mary? Ask Here Hello, I’m a big fan of your podcast and I as well as many others […]

Hundreds Of Toxic Compounds in Pesticides Still Not Disclosed

Pesticides In Our Food

The EPA is supposed to be our watchdog, protecting consumers against environmental harms through the actions or inactions of companies or individuals. The agency has friends and foes on both sides of the political aisle, but outside of Washington, it’s hard to think that anyone really gives the EPA much of a vote of confidence. […]

Eczema Can Ruin Your Summer. Don’t Let It!

Eczema Can Ruin Your Summer

Your summer plans may call for beach trips, barbecues, picnics and other warm-weather activities. If you suffer from eczema, though, it’s hard to focus on the fun when you’re burning and scratching, or worried about how your skin looks to others. The word “eczema” refers to a series of chronic skin disorders that cause redness, […]

Save Your Prostate. Seriously!

Save Your Prostate!

No one wants to get prostate cancer. But did you know that experts are starting to recommend against the routine PSA screening that’s been so commonplace for decades? The current political state of prostate-specific antigen screening (or PSA) is surprisingly turbulent. The latest stance by the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally appears to […]

You Had a Heart Attack. Now What?

You had a heart attack - now what?

It might be hard to imagine now, but after a heart attack, you really can feel whole again. You may even be able to resume all of the pastimes you enjoyed prior to your cardiac episode. But it’s going to start with changes in you. Changes in exercise and most importantly, in nutrition. Specifically we’ve […]

The Top 4 Ways the Medical System Is Harming Us All

4 ways the medical system is harming you

Our healthcare system is made up of countless individuals who are caring, talented and hardworking. We are very critical of the U.S. medical establishment, but generally-speaking, any individual within that system is well-intentioned. However, like any gigantic system, it’s plagued by certain deficiencies and problems of scale, and these problems will often harm patients. Like […]

Achlorhydria – The Stomach Churning Truth


We think of stomach acid as this unpleasant thing that occasionally makes unannounced visits up our esophagus. But few of us ever consider the importance of the contents of our stomachs. Some people suffer from maladies that lead to a suppressed production of stomach acid. Crazier still are millions of people now following a doctor’s […]

Biliary Stasis – The First Sign of Trouble?

Biliary Stasis

The liver is the human body’s biggest internal organ and one of the most important. Among its hundreds of functions, the liver removes toxic materials from the blood, helps blood clots to form, stores vitamins, gets rid of red blood cells that are no longer healthy and synthesizes hormones. This organ also produces bile, a substance that aids in […]

You Have High Blood Pressure – Now What?

You Have High Blood Pressure

Your Blood Pressure is High! As you may already know, the standard in the current medical literature for what is considered the margin for high blood pressure is now 150/95. There are those in the pharmaceutical industry that want to lower the previous of 120/80 to 100/60. We cynically believe this is all done to […]

Depression in Men vs. Depression in Women

Women and Men Get Depressed Differently

Depression has been talked about more in recent years than ever before, but many people knowledgeable on the subject aren’t aware that it can present differently in men than in women. Because the symptoms are so different, depression in men often goes undiagnosed longer than depression in women. To stand a better chance of recognizing […]

Osteoarthritis Can Take Your Life from You. It’s Time to Take It Back

Osteoarthritis Causes and Treatment

An osteoarthritis diagnosis can certainly be frightening, and the pain this condition brings is sometimes debilitating. However, you can fight osteoarthritis and win, and what you eat may play a significant role in that victory. What Is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative disorder whereby cartilage, the cushioning tissue surrounding a joint, degrades and gets rougher. Consequently, […]

Stop the Misery of Hemorrhoids Once and for All

Woman suffering from Hemorrhoids

We did a podcast episode early on about how to deal with Hemorrhoids. It covers the topic of this blog post in greater detail, but if you just need to get to the nitty-gritty, then read on! Dealing with pain while eliminating can be a nuisance. You can experience symptoms such as anal itching, sensitive […]

Exhausted? Are Your Adrenal Glands To Blame?

Malfunctioning Adrenal Glands Lead To Adrenal Exhaustion or Hypoadrenia

It seems everyday we see a new patient with what we would categorize as severe exhaustion. This is not to be confused with chronic fatigue so much as out and out physical exhaustion, like you just had an incredibly hard day of work, but it’s actually first thing in the morning. Everything seems overwhelming and […]

Never Compromise on These 3 Things for Your Child’s Health

Never Compromise on These 3 Things for Your Child's Health

Everyone wants to raise a healthy baby. A lot of people, however, think that they can simply feed children the same foods that adults eat, in smaller portions. Putting aside the fact that most American adults have terrible diets, babies and young children are not designed to eat the same foods as adults. And we […]

How Can You Tell If Cancer Has Already Started?

How can you tell if cancer is already started?

It’s one of the most frightening prospects many of us can face in our lifetimes. Cancer. It has many causes and many symptoms, but nutrition surfaces again and again as researchers continue uncovering the mysteries of these diseases. For decades scientists and doctors have looked for early warning signals our bodies might be giving to […]

Stop the Pain and Shaking of Restless Leg Syndrome

Supplements Can Help Ease Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (sometimes called restless syndrome RLS or just RLS) affects at least five million people within the United States. Most doctors prescribe drugs to treat the condition, but medications have side effects that often make patients feel even worse. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with restless leg syndrome or the side effects […]

Forbidden Immunity: The Secrets to Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Revealing Your Hidden Immunity

Every winter, the media interviews doctors about preparing for cold and flu season. Of course, they all recommend getting the flu vaccine, but say nothing about strengthening the body to be able to withstand the pathogens. It’s not surprising because vaccinations and pharmaceuticals are the medical establishment’s answer for practically every nuisance. It’s also a big cash cow. Episodes […]

Skin Cancer Myths Debunked and Demystified

Skin Cancer

There is a lot of information out there about skin cancer, but it’s not all correct. In fact, some of the most well-known tips for avoiding skin cancer are not helpful at all, mainly because they ignore a few important facts. If you’re concerned about skin cancer, here’s your chance to uncover the truth they […]

Grains, Guts, and Groaning Waistelines

Grains, Guts, and Expanding Waistlines

Grain has never played a major role in the human diet until the last century. Let me say that again: Grain has NEVER played a major role in the human diet until the industrialization of our food supply in the early 1900’s. Until we’d sold our soul, and collective health to the marvels of industry […]

The Real Differences Between Animal and Plant-Based Proteins

The difference between plant protein and animal protein

Most people are simply not aware there are significant differences between animal and plant-based proteins. As far as they are concerned, one type of protein is just as good as the other. As far as we are concerned, they are incorrect. The USDA and the food industry in general, are not interested in educating people […]

Why Are Enzymes Important?

Why Are Enzymes Important?

Even though enzymes have been in the media recently, reporters do not always cover the subject well, since so much of today’s healthcare research focuses on disease management instead of going right to the foundational issue that would unleash the body’s natural healing powers. Just because most doctors won’t tell you about the importance of […]

Forget Everything You Know About Heart Attacks

Supplements to Prevent Heart Attacks

When you ask your doctor about preventing heart attacks, he or she will probably tell you to cut fat out of your diet and avoid salt. You might even get a prescription for statins or other medications that force your body to lower your cholesterol. Like most people, you’ll try to follow your doctor’s instructions. And like most people, you […]

Trust Your Body. Believe Your Heart. Your Life Depends On It.

Listen To Your Body, Believe Your Heart

Jennifer…came to see me three months ago. She was suffering from severe abdominal pain and nausea. She was extremely jaundiced; even the whites of her eyes were yellow. She came asking me about her pancreatic cancer and what I could do about it. As she looked half dead sitting in my office, there was little I […]

One Cure for Dry Skin, Thyroid Troubles and Cancer


What if there were one forbidden nutrient that could prevent breast cancer, destroy cancer cells, eliminate thyroid troubles and cure dry skin problems? An important nutrient that has slipped off the radar of unsuspecting Americans has been purposely removed from many of the foods on grocery store shelves. A lack of that nutrient – iodine […]