Trust Your Body. Believe Your Heart. Your Life Depends On It.

Listen To Your Body, Believe Your Heart

Jennifer…came to see me three months ago. She was suffering from severe abdominal pain and nausea. She was extremely jaundiced; even the whites of her eyes were yellow. She came asking me about her pancreatic cancer and what I could do about it. As she looked half dead sitting in my office, there was little I could suggest.

First of all, I do not treat cancer. I explained that to her, then I tried to review everything she had done up to the present, what doctors she had seen, imaging performed, therapies undertaken, etc. It was hard to sit there and talk to her and not be alarmed at her appearance. The word cachexia comes to mind (emaciation, wasting away). She said she was through with all medical intervention and they had sent her home to die. All I could do was to offer some nutritional support to help ease her pain and suffering.

I explained when stem cell mutate they produce an enzyme called malignanin which eats healthy tissue. Her own pancreas produces an enzyme called trypsin that STOPS malignin and another enzyme, chymotrypsin, liquefies the tumor, and her own excretion pathways would get the toxic dead debris out of her. I explained how we had made a product that had these enzymes in it and a lot of rebuilding and supporting herbs for the pancreas, since her own pancreas was obviously not working well and producing these enzymes!

She purchased a bottle of our Longlife Energy Enzymes and left. I did not hear from her after that as I supposed she had passed on. She came back into the office a week ago all aglow and excited to be feeling so well. The cachexia was gone. The jaundice was gone. Her eyes were not yellow anymore, but bright white. The energy was back. She was thrilled to show us how well she was doing. The only thing she had started doing that was different from before was our enzymes. Nothing else. NO medical intervention. Mary and I are the creators of this supplement and even we were stunned. Jennifer purchased four more bottles, thanked us profusely, and left. Wow … our entire staff were shocked at what we saw.

What really caught my eye with this startling revelation in the visage of Jennifer, is that it so clearly played upon my own fears regarding the explosion of cancer in this country over the last several decades, especially since Nixon declared war on cancer during his administration. Wouldn’t YOU want to know about LEE Enzymes if your mother got cancer? How many of us fear getting cancer? Breast cancer is supposed to befall 1 in 7 women now, 1 in 8 two years ago. Prostate cancer gets all men eventually if they live long enough. Are these numbers true? I hope they are not but I feel they are. Though, it doesn’t really matter when it strikes your family, does it?

I see the same thing happening in other areas of our lives. This pattern of big government getting on board on some great crusade … the war on cancer, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on AIDS, the war on terror, there is even J. Edgar Hoover’s war on crime back in the 1930’s. With all these losing wars we have lost the soul of war itself with all these silly metaphors for something truly horrible in and of itself, war. But these patterns continue to emerge when some new government backed “war” is used by the various industry combines and complexes to double down on the fear of our people and use their wars for profit and gain. Jennifer makes me think of the war on cancer that we are losing everyday. We are still looking in the wrong places…right now the big push is in the area of immunotherapy…build the immune response of the body’s natural defenses to seek out and kill cancer cells. Sounds good enough on the surface, but the body’s immune system, in the guise of the natural killer cell, the NK Cell, is already supposed to be doing that. Why are the natural killer cells, and powerful enzymes like Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, in cancer patients AWOL?

I think part of what makes us human is trying to solve the great dilemmas in our history on this planet, while trying to make sense of why we are here, and the same time, not lose our sense of mystery, novelty, and the unknown. We see great civilizations come and go…the Babylonian Empire, then the Medio-Persian Empire, then the Grecian Empire, the Roman Empire, I could go on, but what came before the Babylonians? They came out of nowhere with little if anything, to suggest any empire preceded theirs, and yet they had immense buildings, powerful armies, huge agricultural developments, and artistic relics that today are priceless. All these empires had doctors and healers, magi and spiritualists, and their surviving records all show the same pattern…food was their medicine, and a sick gut was the cause of their diseases. These were the ruling masses in their day on this planet, and yet with such overwhelming power that they would wield over their subjects; they still used the gentlest of all healing modalities, food, for their medicine. ** It is in their records, their writings, their art, and their antiquities. Some of us make fun of their approach to healing and regeneration as being primitive or backward, and yet their own records testify it was to the effectiveness of a nutritional approach to health as being the only way that worked.

** Here is an example of NOT having gentleness with healing:

“________ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. Serious, sometimes fatal infections, and cancer’s, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems. Serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. (!!!)

It works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. (!!!) It’s proven to help relieve pain.

Doctor’s have been prescribing ________ for 10 years.”

Like that makes it okay.

David Wolf says, “It is no secret anymore that Big Pharma is (and has been) at war with alternative medicine. Its modus operandi is to generate profit by selling drugs that perpetuate a cycle of addiction and dependency, rather than liberation and empowerment.” 

So what draws us to an alternate approach to health and healing? We can see with our own eyes when something works and when it does not. Mary and I have seen the marvelous advances in brain surgery with the experience of our own son whose life was saved by a crisis intervention using, anesthesia, emergency surgery by skilled surgeons and at the same time, during his recovery in the hospital over the next week, some of the most backward and essentially silly approaches to nutrition that would make any thinking person blush when the “nutrition center” in the hospital, featured such “modern nutrition” as slushy’s, ice cream, sugar sweetened cereals, commercial yogurts that are nothing more than soft ice cream, and other offerings that belong in the candy section of the gift shop, and not the nutrition center. Mary and I were stunned by what are eyes saw. So when we see marvelous changes happen in someone’s life, when we see people who are dying return to life, when we learn about a friend that chose a natural approach to their terminal disease and recovered and we hear their exultant voices and the cheers of their families, we know there is something more to health and healing other than drugs and surgery. We can see it, we can hear it, we can smell it, we can touch it, and we just know it there is a power inside our bodies that transcends all descriptions and understanding. This is the Forbidden Doctor. The one inside you that uses all its resources to keep you alive and well. But it needs help. It needs you to understand and listen to your own senses and listen to what your body wants.

It isn’t easy believing something outside the majority whim. It never is, until or unless you experience something that changes your whole perspective of the meaning of anything. Health, politics, money, war, sex, teenagers… but when your eyes are opened to a new idea, a new construct, a new paradigm, it’s “Katie Bar the Door!”

Nothing can stop you but yourself. You are willing at that point to go and sell all you have to take a chance on this new idea, this new insight. [Lierre Keith] So we like this idea, and we dislike the other one. We believe this doctor, but we can’t believe the other one anymore. We have certain cultural trainings that limit what we can accept, even in the face of undeniable truth. What makes us believe what we believe? Especially the things we have never studied, researched, read a book about, discussed with opposing views, etc.? Why do we believe, sometimes, things that others believe to be utter nonsense? Because our value is at stake. Our value is tied to our image of perfection. This goes to the core of our being. We will be “right” at all costs, even going to war, and losing our sons to prove it. I suppose this is all a part of being human, but let me ask you this…why is the American public spending more and more money for their health care, outside of the mainstream medical arena? Why is alternative health care getting more of the American dollar than modern medicine, every year for the past decade? Why do we see a proliferation of health food and vitamin stores springing up everywhere? Because, obviously, they work. People are awakening to the failure of the medical model of “drugs for anything, drugs for everything”…. because an awakened public is coming to the one truth that has straddled all of man’s history, with empires and primitive tribes alike … food has always been your best medicine. And now with the devitalization of our commercial foods, the need for supplementation is greater then ever before. We have the ability as humans to have great belief and trust. What we have said in this podcast has probably, never been more relevant than it is now.


Trust your body. Believe your heart. Your life depends on it.


– Dr. Jack and Mary


A Short History of Medicine


2000 B.C.

Here, eat this root.

1000 B.C.

Roots are heathen.  Say a prayer.

1850 A.D.

Prayer is superstition.  Take this potion.


1900 A.D.

That potion is snake oil.  Take this pill.


1940 A.D.

That pill is useless.  Take this antibiotic.


2000 A.D.

That antibiotic is no longer effective.

Here, eat this root.


Link for Podcast on the Mysterious Deaths of Holistic Doctors:

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