58: Mental Health, Microbes and Mom – Part 2

There is one thing that scares us all, after a certain age: Dementia.

But what if there is something you can do to improve your chances of avoiding it?

In our previous episode we talked about the bacteria in your body, and how it affects everything. The connection between gut flora and health is being researched all across the world, and not without a good reason.

In today’s episode we dive deeper into mental health conditions, such as Dementia, Alzheimers, Autism and even severe Depression that leads to mass-murder.

We discuss the latest scientific studies int he area of the brain-gut connection, and how you can protect yourself and your family from these severe conditions.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:05:00] Drugs that cause your stomach to stop producing acid and the correlation is has with dementia
  • [00:12:00] Meditation benefits your brain, but if you can’t meditate the problem may be in your gut
  • [00:17:00] “Gut feeling” and the science behind it
  • [00:22:17] Does the way you give birth affect your baby?
  • [00:24:03] Exposure to infections is good for you!
  • [00:31:30] Breastfeeding is the main source of healthy bacteria for a child
  • [00:37:45] Parkinson’s may begin in the gut
  • [00:49:50] Zika virus
  • [00:45:00] Food allergies and it’s relation to leaky gut
  • [00:47:02] The affect of anti-depressants during pregnancy


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