Unless you have been visiting somewhere outside our solar system over the last month, you have heard about the latest scare coming from the orient. Even some of our US Congressmen have taken up the warning because this virus can be contagious even without symptoms!

According to the recent analysis published in The Lancet, family members of victims exposed to the current pandemic showed no symptoms for 8 days before finally being diagnosed with full-blown symptoms. Additionally, about 2% of those infected show no signs of fever or respiratory distress, meaning they are able to pass right through airport security screening measures.

Did you hear Congressman Tom Cotton from Arkansas on Morning’s With Maria, saying the virus did not begin at a market place in Wuhan, China?! He said the virus did not begin there at all but was brought in from another source.

As of now, there is only speculation as to where it came from; however, the experts do believe it went into the marketplace before it came out of the marketplace. What concerns epidemiologists is that less than one hour drive away from this area of Wuhan, China is a Level 4 BioLab, the only one in China, that researches seriously dangerous human pathogens.

This BSL-4 Lab is the only one in China and is 30 miles from a Wuhan fish market where the original outbreak was reported to have occurred in December 2019. That announcement has been largely discredited and has been used possibly as a cover-up.

Some scientists outside of China worry about pathogens escaping as this BSL-4 Lab has only been operating for two years and outside the reach of foreign regulatory agencies. Scientists around the world have expressed concerns for this lab using such dangerous pathogens in their research.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, said it is not at a pandemic level yet, but soon could be if not contained. In the past, viral outbreaks such as this type usually fade away after a few months, especially in the spring, as the warmer months ensue. However, Dr. Fauci says this may not be the case this time, and it is too early to tell anyway. He said it would be a “stretch” to assume it will follow earlier patterns.

According to The Lancet science journal, this virus has already achieved a 15% fatality rate and an 83% infection rate. Mathematically speaking, this means that if every person in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area is exposed, we would expect 1.4 million fatalities in Los Angeles alone, if the numbers reported in The Lancet hold true. 

Is It Man-Made?

Speculation abounds everywhere as to its unusual genetic makeup. Researchers in India have found certain inserts in the viral RNA structure of the Coronavirus that appear in the HIV virus.[1] (Unfortunately, this research publication, at the time of this report, has already been removed, furthering the speculation this is a man-made virus.)

The latest study out of India suggests bio-engineering with the insertion of AIDS viral segments in the middle of the Coronavirus’ RNA sequence.

What does that mean? A virus will mutate easily as it does not have the DNA structure of higher life forms to keep it in check. This form of Coronavirus has not been around long enough to mutate sufficiently to include identifiable RNA segments from the HIV-1 virus, suggesting biowarfare manipulation.

And if that was not enough, some patients who have contracted sickness from this Coronavirus are actually responding positively to AIDS medications!

This is all starting to feel a lot like the Titanic running full steam ahead during a pitch dark night in an ocean full of icebergs.

How Did Parts of Another Dangerous Virus Get in There?

A Coronavirus is a very common viral species. The common cold and flu viruses are of the corona variety. Corona is Latin for crown. When looking at this virus under an electron microscope, the surface of the virus has a crown-like appearance.

Why do the authors of this study think the virus did not occur naturally? Because a deeper inspection of the virus’s RNA shows structure not present in any of the virus’s closest cousins.

“It is quite unlikely for a virus to have acquired such unique insertions naturally in a short duration of time,” say the researchers.

This is very telling, as already mentioned, the only laboratory capable of creating a virus of this nature is just 30 minutes away from the fish market.

What Is The Official Story?

This type of Coronavirus is similar to the one that caused the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003; however, it is not the same virus. We are told that it is common among certain animals, such as camels, cats, and bats. How it jumps to humans is unknown.

The SARS virus originated with bats and jumped to humans via a small cat-like animal called a civet. The MERS virus, also originating with bats,  jumped to humans in the Middle East via camels, we are told.

As far as this new Coronavirus is concerned, the jury is still out as to where it actually came from, still; its infectious rate exceeds most other viruses so far. This is what is so concerning to disease specialists, epidemiologists, around the world as this disease seems to be rapidly spreading even though American researchers are not ready to call it an epidemic.

How Does This Virus Spread?

The growing infectious rate of this virus transmits like most viruses, as an airborne microbe. This means coughing and sneezing of an infectious person is the usual transmission method. Part of the problem with this virus, as we’ve said, is that early reports were saying that humans who had picked up the virus were spreading it before they showed symptoms. This is like a stealth virus appearing everywhere undetected until too late. People in the presence of others who are coughing and sneezing can easily avoid breathing in the viral microbe by avoiding those who are obviously sick. But with a stealth virus…who are the sick ones?

An interesting part of the transmission of viruses left out of the official story is the ease with which an upper respiratory virus like this one can infect another simply by the virus landing on the conjunctiva of the eyes, the outer layer of the eyes. We have all been told not to touch our eyes with our hands when around an infected person. But you can’t walk around with your eyes closed!

The official medical advice is pointless to protect yourself from being infected around someone suffering from a viral cold or flu, “wash your hands, get the flu shot, and stay home.” As though this would be sufficient against something you cannot see until symptoms appear. You can’t stay home your whole life! There has to be another way.

Is it a good thing to wear a mask when traveling? The CDC says no, unless you yourself are infected or suspect you might be infected. At least that is good advice.

Is a Vaccine The Answer?

I’m sure there will shortly be an announcement of a vaccine for this virus…it’s all a part of the business model.

Of course, the first thing the CDC, the NIH, Public Health, and other concerned entities want to do is come up with a vaccine. Notably, vaccine effectiveness has declined in each of the past four flu seasons for which data from the CDC are available: from 48 percent in 2015-16 to 40 percent in 2016-17, 38 percent effective in 2017-18, and 29 percent effective in 2018-19. [2]

And how can they get out a vaccine so quickly? Remember, a vaccine is not a drug. It is a biological entity and does not need the extensive testing drugs require…bottom line…no real testing, I mean, how can you rely on some new vaccine’s long term effects with only a few weeks testing? From a medical point of view a successful test occurs when antibodies to the antigen are detected. No long term side effects considerations can possibly be determined in so short a time. The argument is “there is no time,” and a vaccine is supposedly more important than the side effects created by all the other chemical ingredients contained in the vaccine.

We recently had a patient that chose to get the flu vaccine and came very, very close to dying. They were talking organ donation…

And you may not know, but a common occurrence in the virus family is the absence of DNA, the blueprint of life. The reason a liver cell can create another liver cell just like itself is because the DNA in the mother cell duplicates itself as a daughter cell. The duplication is only possible because the blueprint DNA, under normal circumstances, can only create itself.

A virus, not having DNA, has RNA instead. RNA is the messenger of the DNA. What happens when there is no DNA for the RNA to copy? Mutation!! This is one reason why flu vaccines are so ineffective, as the CDC reports year after year. As a virus passes from one host to another, it mutates slightly. It can become more virulent, stronger, or less, and simply disappear from the picture when it comes no longer dangerous to humans.

Letting me give you this analogy. A mother gives birth to two boys. For whatever reason the twins are separated at birth. One of them remains with its birth family and is raised in what would be considered a normal family relationship. With rules, and teachings, standards, expectations, requirements, customs, responsibility, and lot and lots of guidance. The other one, for this example, is raised without any of these influences, whether that is in the wild or through neglect.

It would be safe to assume the first child, when reaching adulthood will be extremely similar to the family that raised the child. The other, most likely will have some resemblance to its birth parents, but without the guidance and direction the other child had, will go off into a completely different path.

This is the difference between DNA controlled replication and viral mutation … there are no controls and nobody can know what will happen. So creating a vaccine for a constantly mutating virus will have a limited effect as demonstrated by the CDC’s numbers stated above.

What is Involved in Inventing a Vaccine?

Vaccines are not that easy to create. Officials involved in getting a vaccine for the new virus in a year’s time said it would be a “record.” “If you go any faster, you’ll be cutting dangerous corners,” they said. And there is, of course, the danger that always exists with rushed chemical compounds like vaccines in the sense of adverse side effects. Further, it has been reported that Big Pharma is going after a vaccine for this virus faster than they did for either SARS or MERS.

Is There a More Sensible Approach To Protecting Myself and Family?

Of course there is! Nature has ensured the survival of our species through the strength and durability of our immune systems! This is the main reason two people could be equally exposed to this Coronavirus and one becomes deathly ill, maybe dying, and the other shows no symptoms at all.

Our bodies have the ability to destroy the invading microbe on contact, and if a strange or unfamiliar invader such as this new Coronavirus should infect us, our ability to make antibodies against it can happen swiftly and finally.

We’ll start by referring you to our Forbidden Podcast #136: What To Do BEFORE The Flu, DURING The Flu, and AFTER The Flu. This is a fabulous videocast Podcast. We don’t want to repeat the entire podcast in this blog; still, we are going to hit on a few key points to help you to be prepared for this coming “Coronavirus” and any other flu that comes your way.

Behold The Immune Alliance!

If I asked you where your pulmonary system is, you might point to your lungs. If I asked where your nervous system resides, you might point to your brain, unless you serve in Congress – you might point elsewhere.

Where is your immune system? To answer this, you would have to point to your long bones, the birthplace of white blood cells. You would point to your spleen, the storage depository of antibodies. You would point to your stomach, where hot acid exists to destroy invaders in your food. Your skin, your “acid mantle,” has a pH of 4.5 to 6.0 in order to kill pathogens landing on your skin. Point to your thymus gland, behind that notch at the top of your breastbone, where your
T-cells are schooled and educated to become vicious fighters of disease. Point as well to your lymph nodes, all hundreds of thousands of them, which are the “police stations” of your body. And not any less important, your gut, wherein the walls of your small intestine reside 80-85% of your entire immune response in something called the GALT. Look it up! Very Impressive.

There are other areas of the body where various cells, tissues, and organs play a very large role in keeping you alive. Because there are so many parts in different areas of the body, I prefer to call the immune system, an immune alliance!

Below are some of the different products that Standard Process produces to support all the organs of the Immune alliance. 

  • Liver Protomorphogen. (Hepatrophin PMG)
  • Bone Protomorphogen. (Ostrophin PMG)
  • Bone Marrow extract. (Calcifood)
  • Vitamin C. (Whole-food Cataplex C)
  • Nutritional Yeast – particularly strong in the B vitamins. (Cataplex B)
  • Zinc Liver Chelate – for the zinc part of the immune response.
  • Spleen Protomorphogen. (Spleen PMG)
  • Desiccated Spleen Extract – the organ most responsible for the creation of antibodies! 
  • Thymus Protomorphogen. (Thymus PMG)
  • Thymex – the cytosol thymus extract.
  • Iron Liver Chelate – to build up the red blood cell. Also Ferrofood.
  • Chromium Yeast – to control blood sugar, which can go really out of control with certain vulnerable people that are immuno-compromised. (Cataplex GTF)
  • Vitamin E Complex. (Cataplex E & Wheat Germ Oil)
  • Vitamin B6. (Cataplex B) Also Linum B6 – Flax oil.
  • Copper Liver Chelate – Copper being an essential nutrient to the thymus gland that matures the white blood cells. Copper is to the thymus gland what iodine is to the thyroid. Or what manganese is to the pituitary. 
  • Calcium Lactate – The most anti-viral nutrient in the human body
  • Vitamin A Complex – to reinforce the health of the lungs. (Cataplex A)
  • Vitamin F Complex – for calcium diffusion into the tissues. (Cataplex F)
  • Folic Acid – part of the B complex. (Folic Acid B12)
  • Vitamin B12 – Used for methylation in the liver. (Cataplex B12)
  • Chlorophyll – A blood cleanser, and anti-inflammatory nutrient.

Between the trace minerals like zinc, selenium, copper, and chromium, these products have protomorphogen’s and cytosol support (cellular extracts from organs). So this is quite an array of products for deploying the immune alliance. As opposed to throwing Ascorbic Acid at somebody.

In other words, these products, supporting the immune alliance, is like the guy in the Army, the Quartermaster, who gets everybody their supplies of weaponry. We need bullets for these machine guns, we need these grenades, we need these anti-tank weapons for this division, etc. The Quartermaster is giving out all these different alliances within your army to assault the enemy. 

What if the Quartermaster had just one weapon that did everything?

Enter Immuplex!

Immuplex is feeding the broad-spectrum nutritional complex that goes after all of the alliances of the immune system as John Courtney talked about it. Like a Quartermaster in a capsule. 

It has all the vitamins like A, C, E, B6, Folic Acid, B12, also all the minerals. It is very high in magnesium, and vitamin A, E, F and K, and as mentioned above, it has something no other product has – Protomorphogens (PMG’s) which stop the auto-immune attack against a particular tissue, and they stimulate the growth of new tissue by releasing local growth factors for healthy cell regeneration. 

What Will Decrease Immune Response?

We know through something called the phagocytic test, even small amounts of sugar can literally stun white blood cells from doing their job –– sometimes up to 3-5 days! They simply go AWOL. It’s like a police officer walking down the street looking for criminals, sees a donut shop, and stops off there for days –– ignoring the community!

Inadequate rest and shortened sleep, for whatever reason, make us more susceptible to sickness also.

Stress is a killer, they say. For good reason. Stress releases hormones from the adrenal that actually delays the immune response. Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? There are other causes such as a house full of teenagers and the like.

What Will Increase the Immune Response?

You know my love and appreciation for the research and forward-thinking of Dr. Royal Lee (for whom we named our LongLife Energy Enzymes). This nutritional genius understood the immune system like few others. From his understanding and thinking, Standard Process created what I believe is the most powerful support system for your immune system that I know of. Since 1984, Immuplex has been at the forefront of building and supporting the function of all the parts of our immune system/alliance.

The active ingredients in Immuplex support all the family members of the immune alliance. The bones, the skin, the spleen, thymus, nerves, digestion, etc. are all a part of this building and strengthening dietary supplement.

During flu season, when I am feeling just fine, I take 3 Immuplex capsules daily to keep my immune response on guard. If I am going to be around sick people as I am in my daily practice, I might jump that to 4 or 5 a day. If I feel I am starting to come down with something, I will take 9 capsules a day (3 every 4 hours). Should I actually become sick, I would take 16-20 a day (5 every 4 hours).

I have seen this work with my patients many, many times. I would also add cod liver oil, 3-6 a day, to make sure I had adequate levels of vitamin D and vitamin A, as well as Calcium Lactate Powder, 1 Tbsp, twice a day to bowel tolerance. This form of calcium is very absorbable.

Calcium just happens to be the most anti-viral nutrient in your body! Then of course, I would take copious amounts of Congaplex, 2 every half hour, while awake.

Do Not Take Store‐Bought Vitamin D

Be sure to use whole food vitamin D from real cod liver oil. Unfortunately, most cod liver oils are now industrially produced from the livers of inferior fish. The oil is heavily treated, with most brands removing the natural vitamins A and D and adding back synthetic versions!

Fortunately, there is real cod liver oil, Standard Processes’ Cod Liver Oil made from the livers of healthy fish from pristine deep ocean waters.

This type of cod liver oil contains thousands of molecular structures. Science has clues on how approximately two dozen work. And the remaining thousands of molecules and nutritional structures? Does Mother Nature consider it necessary?

We simply do not understand everything—and in many cases they have not even been fully identified. There is one thing we do know about real Cod Liver Oil: It contains all the hundreds or thousands of naturallyoccurring vitamin D structures.

But when your body is under stress, as with Coronavirus or flu, your vitamin D is utilized quickly, and you might need to take 6 capsules daily. If you tried to take a higher dose of non-food sourced vitamin D from the store, you would risk problems. And why is that?

Just look at the ingredients in any store where you can buy a  bottle of Vitamin D. You will see the word “cholecalciferol.”

Then go to the section of the store that sells small mammal poison…for mice and rats and other small pests. You will see the same word as the main ingredient… “cholecalciferol.”

What’s going on? Cholecalciferol is a synthetic chemical made in a laboratory that mimics vitamin D. How can that be bad if it is cheaper and the FDA considers it to be vitamin D? And synthetic vitamin D has been around for decades as most synthetic vitamins have been. But they are only chemical counterfeits of the real thing.

Think about it, it is so much cheaper to take a chemical compound apart in a laboratory, find the operative part as you egotistically think Mother Nature made it, and mass produce it on a large scale for so much less cost than harvesting cod fish or other species where their liver contains sufficient levels of vitamin D.

“Why have I never heard of this?!”

You’d have to man the boats with all the hard costs, diesel fuel, payroll, upkeep of the ships, catching the fish, collecting the livers, processing the oil in a hygienic environment, bringing the oil to shore and packing it in soft gel pearls, keeping the product in temperature-controlled storage and then advertising it and shipping to awaiting customers. Whew! 

The production of synthetic vitamins is the western-world-way to counterfeit this more expensive process and produce something that looks like the real McCoy and tests like the real McCoy in the lab, but comes with a price tag we might not want…calcification of the kidneys.

That is what kills the small mammals that get cholecalciferol in the rat poison. They die of kidney failure. As opposed to some poisons that cause hemorrhagic bleeding, such as warfarin, I guess cholecalciferol seems more humane…except when it gets into a human body, even in small amounts –– the cost is enormous.

So what does happen to the human creature that takes this chemical, used to kill mice and rats, into their body?

Many children suffered from calcification of the kidney leading to kidney failure when this chemical first appeared in the market place prior to WWII.

Even now, high doses of this chemical will cause systemic muscle and joint pain in adults, let alone children.

The current fad of tens of thousands of IU’s for Vitamin D dosing is slowly being exposed for the terrible mistake it is and has been. We refer you to Forbidden Podcast #140 – The Deadly Vitamin D Hysteria.

So, what can you do? 

Yes, wash your hands when necessary. Avoid sick people if you can, but if you really want to go on the offensive and be prepared in advance, strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms by giving the incredible boost and assist that comes from the support that Immuplex, Cod Liver Oil, Calcium Lactate, and Congaplex bring to the picture!

We have a more in-depth flu protocol on our website called “Flu Protocol (Coronavirus, Influenza, RSV, SARS)”. It is one of our finest and most effective protocols we have ever introduced. Simply type “Flu” or “Coronavirus” in the search bar on the top left. The medical treatment of the symptoms of disease will almost always fail to help you truly resolve your health problems. For that reason, none of the protocols in this article are intended to treat any disease or condition. Rather, they are designed to support you –– and the Forbidden Doctor inside of you.

Through using our Symptom Survey, you will be shown how to support, the underlying causes of your health problems—that have been diagnosed by your physician or medical professional.

Simply go to the Symptom Survey and fill it out. Read this review from our Facebook page, or join our VIP Membership for incredible personalized help anytime you want it!

The Forbidden Doctor is that beautiful, marvelous, almost miraculous healing force inside you.

It is that innate intelligence, that life-force-directed influence that triggered your DNA to guide the building of your body after conception.

It is that power that sustains your life, repairs your wounds and lesions as well as your distressed and disrupted actions deep in the several systems of the body––that essential part of you that keeps you alive and heals your every hurt.

Medicine does not recognize the existence of this life force; hence it is “forbidden.”

All material in this publication is provided for information only and shall not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or instruction. No medical action should be taken based solely on the contents of this article; instead, readers should consult your appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to your health and well-being. Readers who fail to consult with appropriate healthcare professionals assume the risk of any injuries.
“© Copyright 2020, The Forbidden Doctor, Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without written permission of the publisher. Our Mission: This publication is intended to provide information enlightening readers to the publicly available alternatives to mainstream allopathic medicine. It is by no means intended as a substitute to the health care recommendations of your health care provider. Our goal is to support our readers with information that may avoid and overcome health digression by reducing or eliminating the use of drugs and/or unnecessary surgical procedures.

[1] Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag. Prashant Pradhan, et. al. doi: https://doi.org10.1101/2020.0130.927871



[4] Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag. Prashant Pradhan, et. al. doi: https://doi.org10.1101/2020.0130.927871


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