136: What To Do BEFORE The Flu, DURING The Flu, and AFTER The Flu.

flu woman

We are right in the middle of one the deadliest influenza outbreaks in recent memory. The normally dubious flu vaccine has shown to be even more worthless than normal this year.

So what do we do instead? We have terrified people showing up to our clinic wanting solutions, which made us realize we have information to share which may help our regular patients as well as our podcast listeners and their friends and family.

The result is one of our more comprehensive podcasts as Dr. Jack and Mary take us through the three stages of influenza to consider.

BEFORE: What state is your immune system in? We go through the steps necessary to nourish your body to fight off dangerous pathogens in the first place. Hopefully, this is the only knowledge you need!

DURING: This can be a very dangerous period, even for perfectly healthy people! Your nutrition and hydration may be the only factors that separate survivors from non-survivors.

AFTER: The damage wrought by influenza to the body’s tissues can take months to recover from. Even more frightening are the victims who survived the flu, only to succumb to a bacterial infection in their weakened bodies. We have critical steps to take to help you replenish your natural defenses.

Tune in to learn about the three stages you will go through. We are all already in Stage 1. Find out what you need to know.

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