Dr. Jack Stockwell, DC CGP

NUCCA Board Certified
Certified GAPS Practitioner

Dr. Jack is one of only 27 Board Certified NUCCA Doctors in the world. NUCCA is a performance based certification that involves actual hands on diagnoses and treatment of problems related to brain stem dysfunction resulting from a mis-aligned spine. Patients come from all over the world to see Dr. Jack.

He has taken care of heads of state, national sports figures and olympic contenders.

He is the Medical Expert regarding holistic medicine choices on a National Radio Show which has over 4 million listeners daily! He also had his own National Radio Show. He was the Morning Talk Show - Drive Time - radio host here in Salt Lake City, for over 20 years. He and Mary hosted that radio program together for over 14 years. Their health show was the most listened to and popular health show in Salt Lake City for many years.

Mary Stockwell, CGP ACN

Certified GAPS Practitioner
Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Mary is the Director of Nutrition in our clinic, and has consulted one-on-one with thousands of patients. Since having her own health crisis when she was 36 years old. Finding no healing nor preventative help for her diagnosis, she and Dr. Jack went on a healing journey to help her. In the process, she became a GAPS Certified Practitioner, and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist.

She has has made a life study understanding foundational nutrition and how it is imperative to supporting our mental and physical health. As Hypocrites said 2400 years ago, “All Diseases Begin In The Gut.” Through her extensive experience both personal and professional, Mary has learned “All Health Begins In The Gut.” Mary helps you to address the cause of of your health problems by addressing the underlying source of them, rather than just treating the symptoms.

How often have you wished you knew the answer before so-called "experts" pushed you into drugs and surgery?




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