Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Stool Consistency, Brain Cancer, and Low Testosterone

Ask Dr. Jack and Mary

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Question: I have already taken the symptom survey several months ago. I am wanting to improve my stool consistency from very soft to formed stools. What do you recommend?  – Anonymous User

Answer: Hi there. Not sure how long you’ve been reading and listening to our podcasts, I suppose you have tried the GAPS diet as well? The elimination of sugar in all forms is a must! Other than trying the GAPS diet, I would suggest using Zymex wafers and Lactic Acid Yeast wafers as well. Chew 4 twice a day. This is foundational support for your microbiome and can help you achieve consistent stools.

Question: I listened to the astounding podcast about antioxidants this week. I am going to start on my protocol soon enough. I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last year (34 years, never smoked or binged, watched for good diets) with mets to brain and doing fairly well after chemo and radiation as I didn’t know alternatives exist, now thinking about starting to work. Have some mets in brain as well so far, not symptomatic. I have been taking good amount of antioxidants… (Asthaxantin, Turmeric, Vit D, Enzyme from Garden of Life and multiple other general vitamin support) along with Chemo. So, are antioxidants bad in general or with any cancers? If there are any other supplements beside my Symptom Survey results or based on your experience that should I do? S. from Utah

Answer: S, we have a patient right now with glioblastoma multiform, the worst form of brain cancer, who just had his second clear scan with no neoplasm currently present in the brain, which he ascribes to using our LongLife Energy Enzymes, following surgical removal of the previous tumor last year.

Will this work for you? I do not know, however, we have several other patients that come to us for spinal care, who happen to have a form of cancer, who are using our enzymes and are experiencing continued improvement in their overall profile. Cancer is tricky because there are a number of factors affecting each type and the efficacy of any treatment appears to vary a good deal. After listening to the podcast, you now know how we feel about antioxidants. They are definitely not helpful and quite possibly harmful. 

You ask what other supplements? Prolamine Iodine Plus would also be very helpful, but it would be best if you listen to another forbidden podcast: #95 A Survivor’s Story of Incurable Cancer. 

Question: My husband just had a physical done and once again the Dr. has told him his testosterone levels are BEYOND low – 199 (the Dr. has told him bottom range number is 350/375). I tried looking on the symptoms tab and in the podcasts for information on what he can do to help correct his testosterone levels, but have not been able to locate anything. I desperately do not want him to get back on medication – he’s already in a difficult place with depression, weight gain, etc. (which I am going to try to get him to do GAPS) Is there another term for the testosterone issue that I can search for? Any direction you can point me is SINCERELY appreciated!
Best, A.S.

Answer: Yes there is something that can be done for this. I suppose this is of concern for a decreased libido? Very common in men under 30 years of age anymore. All sugar has to stop, in any form, as this seriously decreases testosterone levels especially DHT. We suggest using 3 Orchic PMG tablets in the AM away from food by 30 minutes minimum. Also use 3 Tribulus tablets every day with or without food. One more thing….use 6-9 For-Til B12 everyday as well. Our patients that have access to these incredible whole food supplements say there is nothing better to bring back their libedo. We recommend you and your husband take our free Symptom Survey and let us work up a nutritional profile that is specific you and him.

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