123: Everything Is Always Working Out For You

Are You Open To The Vortex?

It’s been a few weeks of growth at the Forbidden Doctor. Following Mary’s father passing, Dr. Jack and Mary have been on a journey of discovery, rooted in love and grief, but revealing startling insights about how we live and love.

The thing is, for every one of us, no matter how difficult things might seem, if you really pay attention, you can open yourself to the fact things are working out for you all the time. But it’s more than mere noticing. It’s an embrace of this reality, what we refer to as the vortex, that can really make a difference in our lives long-term.

Join us this week as Mary shares an incredible story, and the growth that she and Dr. Jack were so well-primed for. Are you open enough to let your greatness through? What if you’re having a hard time seeing how great things really are? That’s where our story starts.

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