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124: Forbidden Pearls of Wisdom Pt II

Forbidden Pearls of Wisdom

In this podcast, Dr. Jack and Mary have collected more of their forbidden pearls of wisdom to share with us. Quite often, the important truths and “hacks” for better health don’t fit into one of our larger categories of body systems, so they don’t always fit in other podcasts. But lately, particularly the connection between […]

123: Everything Is Always Working Out For You

Are You Open To The Vortex?

It’s been a few weeks of growth at the Forbidden Doctor. Following Mary’s father passing, Dr. Jack and Mary have been on a journey of discovery, rooted in love and grief, but revealing startling insights about how we live and love. The thing is, for every one of us, no matter how difficult things might […]

122: How Tumors Can Be Good For You

What exactly is a tumor? This benign process in the human body turns out to be a critical function of detoxification, managing troubling or misbehaving tissues before they turn into something more serious. Of course, when tumors grow in inconvenient locations or become too large, removal is often prescribed. But, surprisingly, this can be extremely […]

112: If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This (Pt.2)

If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This (Pt. 2)

And so we come to Part 2 of our show on the Enzyme Theory of Cancer. You’ve often heard us talk about why enzymes are important and digestive enzymes play crucial roles in so many different functions, that we risk over-stating the obvious. But cancer is different, and the medical establishment’s limited success dealing with […]

111: If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

This week Dr. Jack and Mary wanted to cover a tough topic. There is so much information out there about cancer that completely ignores the nutritional elements of the disease, or misinformation about “using herbs instead of chemo” which just isn’t correct. We don’t think of the work we do at Forbidden Doctor as “alternative” […]

101: Sorry Angelina, Genes Don’t Do Anything

Sorry Angelina - DNA Doesn't Technically Do Anything

We’re back! Thanks for waiting patiently… This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss variations of the “placebo” effect and “nocebo” effect, and why these phenomenon matter. As holistic practitioners have known for years, the composition of your thoughts and attitudes can have a direct effect on your wellness, and how you respond to treatment when […]

100: The Conquest of Cancer and The Intelligence of Your Body

Conquest of Cancer

This week we continue the story of Dr. Beard, and the modern incarnation of his work to correlate enzymes with tumor growth. It’s fair to say the Enzyme Theory of Cancer has had a rebirth in the work of Drs. Gonzales and Isaacs in recent years, with marvelous results seen in many countries where it’s […]

99: What Penicillin Is To Bacteria, Enzymes Are To Cancer

What Enzymes Are To Cancer, Penicillin Is To Bacteria

This week Dr. Jack and Mary look back into the history of cancer theory, and particularly a theory posited by Dr. John Beard at the turn of the 20th century more than 100 years ago based on the relationship between the enzyme health of the patients and rates of observable cancer in his patients. The […]

How Can You Tell If Cancer Has Already Started?

How can you tell if cancer is already started?

It’s one of the most frightening prospects many of us can face in our lifetimes. Cancer. It has many causes and many symptoms, but nutrition surfaces again and again as researchers continue uncovering the mysteries of these diseases. For decades scientists and doctors have looked for early warning signals our bodies might be giving to […]