111: If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

This week Dr. Jack and Mary wanted to cover a tough topic. There is so much information out there about cancer that completely ignores the nutritional elements of the disease, or misinformation about “using herbs instead of chemo” which just isn’t correct.

We don’t think of the work we do at Forbidden Doctor as “alternative” healing so much as complimentary healing. It is high time that doctors and patients took the patient’s nutritional profile as seriously as anything they are doing to treat their malignancy.

To help us understand why it is so critical, we dive into the science behind Dr. John Beard’s enzyme theory of cancer, modernized by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez around the clues of the trophoblast that made this theory whole.

Coupled with a healthy digestive system, the right foods and concentrated enzymes can nourish a body battling cancer and the effects of chemotherapy in wonderful ways.

Tune in to hear how Dr. Beard and Dr. Gonzales’ fascinating stories apply to modern principles of nutritional support.

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