101: Sorry Angelina, Genes Don’t Do Anything

Sorry Angelina - DNA Doesn't Technically Do Anything

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss variations of the “placebo” effect and “nocebo” effect, and why these phenomenon matter.

As holistic practitioners have known for years, the composition of your thoughts and attitudes can have a direct effect on your wellness, and how you respond to treatment when you aren’t well.

This is a very big deal in this current world of fixed fates, based on the blueprint of our DNA. Many experts essentially insist that DNA is the end of the discussion when it comes to your body. The codes therein dictate what’s going to happen to your health in your life. But evidence from even the earliest DNA studies know better.

It’s far more complicated, and this is where our very thoughts can have direct impacts on brain and body chemistry, and even gene expression.

It may not be necessary to take the severe steps Angelina Jolie took when she discovered that her DNA contained the chance of deadly breast and ovarian cancer. But what must you do if you have troubling DNA suggesting some future disease?

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3 thoughts on “101: Sorry Angelina, Genes Don’t Do Anything

  1. Darrell Catmull says:

    Great information Jack & Mary!

    I love the experiment that confirms the pitfalls of fear confirmed by a petri dish. Reminds me of the idea that we learned in the The Secret movie, that laughter heals. Laughter and hope suffocates fear.

    Diet being a small part of overall health is enigma to me.

    I love the statement that Children don’t think about being sick (just sugar). I was whining last winter because our house was passing around a virus for months. This winter I chose to just accept the virus and I’ve mostly been annoyed but never “sick.”

  2. Donny Anderson says:

    As to Angelina: Removing your breasts out of fear of getting breast cancer is like committing suicide out of fear of death.

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