How Can You Tell If Cancer Has Already Started?

How can you tell if cancer is already started?

It’s one of the most frightening prospects many of us can face in our lifetimes. Cancer. It has many causes and many symptoms, but nutrition surfaces again and again as researchers continue uncovering the mysteries of these diseases. For decades scientists and doctors have looked for early warning signals our bodies might be giving to give us clues about impending cancers before it’s too late. What progress has been made in this quest? Read on to find out!

Foundation of Good Health

Let’s start by understanding what a well-functioning body is doing. There are two components within the endocrine system of your body that hold the keys to good health; the pancreas and the thyroid. Pancreas output is essential to properly digest what you eat. This is the core of everything, as your body’s ability to put the food you eat to good use depends on optimal digestion.

Secondary to this first factor is the output of your thyroid. Governing hormone production and regulation, the thyroid is responsible for the body’s hormonal reaction to internal and external stimuli occurring all the time throughout all body systems. From how our brains work to the chemistry within our blood, hormones serve as “software” to the body “hardware” carrying critical information between and throughout the systems of our bodies.

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You can start to see how starting with these two root factors makes sense. Where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

What Happens If The Pancreas Isn’t Working Correctly?

If your pancreas is not doing its job properly, you cannot properly break down proteins in your food. Downstream, this has all kinds of ramifications. It usually starts with exhaustion. And we’re not talking about exhaustion after a massive workout. We’re talking about chronic, constant fatigue, as though the energy has been sapped out of you.

Another big sign of poor digestion is smelly stools and smelly gas. Now normal feces doesn’t smell good, but here we’re talking about burn-down-the-house smelly. This is usually a symptom digestive problems, and must be addressed to realize anything like good health.

The problem is, the fatigue and digestive problems outlined here can be signs of an illness as serious as cancer, there are myriad other diseases, from minor to major that could cause similar fatigue and poor digestion. Early warning signs are therefore hard to find here. You can be too thin or too overweight. You can feel inappropriate hunger or a lack of hunger, all for the wrong reasons when the pancreas is failing your digestive processes.

What Happens If Your Thyroid Isn’t Working Correctly?

When the thyroid starts to fail or under-perform, there are huge ramifications across many different body systems. Dry, flaky skin, thinning hair, dramatic weight gain or dramatic weight loss, menstrual irregularity, insomnia, and even depression and anxiety.


Obviously some significant, system-level crises can emerge from a failing thyroid. When under these stresses, the body starts to fail in other ways because of side effects from the thyroid problem. For example, insomnia can be triggered by the thyroid, but insomnia can cause hundreds of other micro-problems within the body. It’s a cascading effect.

The problem, here again, is that most of these symptoms have many possible root causes, so assuming the thyroid is the root cause is not accurate or effective in many cases.

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With Predicting If Cancer Has Already Started?

With a host of symptoms like the list we just covered, how can we predict if cancer has already started? What symptoms will cancer reveal early in the disease? And how will we be able to separate cancer symptoms from some of these other system-level problems?

It may seem like we’re tricking you, but here’s the answer: YOU CAN’T. You can’t tell if cancer has already started. In nearly every case, by the time cancer has revealed itself through symptoms, serious intervention is required.

So let’s back up a bit. When we talk about the pancreas and the thyroid being “in charge” of a vast number of processes in the body, we are really talking about the places where we must focus, if we are going to nourish our bodies in a way that helps them combat cancer events throughout our lives. Rather than worry about which symptoms in your lives may be worth worrying about, worry about them all, and nourish your body to be ready to battle any problems naturally.

It’s the heart of our campaign and the reason we created our first two products specifically to feed the thyroid and feed the pancreas. These organs are responsible for so many other things downstream, it must be our focus for our own health and wellness.

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  1. Sheila Knight says:

    Love that you have put the pod casts and questions and answers in a readable form as well. Great if we can listen but fabulous we can read them!!! Love he enzymes. Need to try the thyroid next visit! Great attention to detail. Thanks Sheila

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Thank you Sheila! We no longer do transcripts of our newer podcasts, but we do try to convey the most important messages in text form on our website!

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