95: Joseph Antell – A Survivor’s Story of Incurable Cancer

A Survivor's Story of Incurable Cancer

This week we have a very special videocast.

We have a guest interview with Joseph Antel, a long-term survivor of what he was told would be incurable lymphatic cancer.

The prognosis was grim, but Joseph is no ordinary cancer patient. As a long-term nutritionist and whole food supplement specialist, he was uniquely poised to address his condition using part standard Western medicine, and part changes in his behavior, changes in his nutrition, and changes in his attitude toward his own vitality.

The result is an unforgettable good news story we’d love to share with you. Joseph’s journey can mimic so many of our experiences, the lessons he took away from this very close brush with disaster are invaluable to anyone serious about their own wellness.

Through stunning CT scans, you can see a very frightening picture of Joseph’s cancer, which had begun to spread, and then you can see the stunning, totally clean scans after a few years of self-care.

Watch and learn from an “incurable” cancer survivor, the steps he took to rid his body of the disease.

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