205: Super EMF Protection and Immune Modulation


Every once in a while we delight in discovering kindred spirits “in the wild” who have done their own research about health and nutrition and reached the same conclusions about the nature of human nourishing and its connection to our gut health.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary interviewed Dr. Paul Baratierro about his remarkable discovery around hydration that has led to an incredible device that helps to align and reset our immune modulation in reaction to external forces like EMF radiation, and even the deleterious effects of poor diet.

Tune in to discover a different way to look at hydration, that is in complete alignment with what we understand about nutrition and human thriving.


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4 thoughts on “205: Super EMF Protection and Immune Modulation

  1. Sally M Steffen says:

    If I buyn a machine to make Electrolyzed Water – it looks to me that it will be a degreaser….. Is this what I should drink?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Thanks Tom – unfortunately the podcast was more expensive than we could justify, time-wise, so we are on hiatus for now.

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