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205: Super EMF Protection and Immune Modulation


Every once in a while we delight in discovering kindred spirits “in the wild” who have done their own research about health and nutrition and reached the same conclusions about the nature of human nourishing and its connection to our gut health. This week Dr. Jack and Mary interviewed Dr. Paul Baratierro about his remarkable […]

204: A C0VlD-19 Update…Understanding “Cases” vs. Mortality


This is show 204: A Covid-19 Update…Understanding “Cases” vs. Mortality   CLICK HERE for a deal on Ageless Thyroid you won’t find anywhere else!   For more information about any of the supplements or protocols mentioned in today’s episode please call us at: (801) 523-1890 To get a personal evaluation, and receive a personalized list of […]

203: So…Are We Going To Wear Masks Forever?


When we think of diseases like cold or flu, why is it that we don’t get sick from multiple diseases at the same time? If we’re exposed to multiple diseases (like we all are every day) you’d expect people who are already ill to become even sicker, now with say, cold and flu at the […]

202: It’s Over! Bye, Bye C0VlD-19!


It seems every week we learn how one government agency or other was wrong about our current health crisis. And while we’ve all heard about all the plans various entities have to sell you a miracle cure in the coming weeks and months, some of the top thinkers in epidemiology are ready to blow the […]

201: Forbidden Letters To The Editor


The Weston A Price Foundation offers a quarterly journal with simply incredible information on diet and nutrition. Part of the delight of getting this periodical are the letters to the editor. There is nothing better to keep one’s finger on the pulse of American health and wellness, and the bravery and honesty of the questions […]

200: The Germ Theory of Disease is Not True!


140 years ago, doctors and scientists understood that germs and viruses played a secondary role in human health, but somehow over the decades, this knowledge moved to the center of disease theory, where it now reliably distorts our understanding, and our mitigation of viral and bacterial outbreaks. No matter what else changes in the coming […]

199: Fear Is The Currency Of The Media


The nature of foreign bodies or parasites in the body is only now starting to be understood by science, but it appears that our own immune systems actually use these “invaders” in surprising and beneficial ways when the body detects that other more harmful toxins are present. Disease, in this context, is a critical, normal […]

198: The Craziness Is Coming Out


What do you do when you have an international podcast flying in the face of the common wisdom shared by government leadership on our current health crisis? Do you cow-tow to what our government is saying, or do you hold the line when you know you’re right? This week, Dr. Jack takes us through the […]

197: You Just Wouldn’t Believe It


If President Trump is getting bad advice from the health advisors closest to him, what chance do the rest of us have in the face of this ongoing crisis? There is real reason to believe that we need fewer doctors and more statisticians chiming in about where we go from here. This week Dr. Jack […]

196: Do The Opposite Of What You Are Told


How many people would keep hiring someone who was wrong about everything, all the time? Not very many. And yet, we look to our own government leadership again and again and again, always disappointed, sometimes disastrously, when they misidentify, under-react, overreact, and just get it wrong time after time. This week, Dr. Jack takes us […]

195: Forbidden Answers To Fearful Propaganda


No matter what you believe about the current global health crisis, one this is clear: co-morbidities are the key to the most serious cases. But why are so many of us already sick when a crisis like this hits? This week Dr. Jack and Mary try to put things in proper perspective, with some good […]

Forbidden Live Webinar


This week, we are releasing our monthly, live Forbidden Webinar as our podcast (this month the format is a videocast). With everything going on in the world, we were bombarded with questions, but we put together an excellent presentation to share some of the latest science of immune system function, and why nourishing your own […]

194: Are We Looking At An Extinction-Level Event?


This sickness and these crazy times are all anyone is talking about, but we keep hearing the same things, over and over and over. Enough. There is a lot more to consider here than flattening curves and procuring toilet paper, including the medical establishments reaction so far, government overreach, and a huge amount of disinformation […]

193: What They Won’t Tell You About Your Immune System and 5G


What if our wireless technology is harmful to health? Would we be capable of changing direction in the face of global inertia and dependence on the technology? Why aren’t the powers that be interested in studying true health impacts of EMF radiation on humans? This week Dr. Jack and Mary cover the possible 5G link […]

192: Musings From The Forbidden Doctor


Sometimes it seems that our knowledge of the day to day clinic interactions we have with health seekers of all shapes and sizes is itself such a great collection of wisdom and health knowledge, that it’s worth preserving for future use. This week, Dr. Jack Stockwell takes us through some of the most commonly asked […]

191: When All Other Therapies Fail


What if there were a publicly accessible library of symptom-ology, and deep knowledge of alternative, whole, concentrated, food-based protocols to support your body naturally, as it deals with the maladies of poor nutrition in our western diet? Describing symptoms and protocols for over 600 different issues, the new Forbidden Doctor symptom library has been unlocked […]

125: Eat It Or Take It

Eat Liver Or take Supplements With Real Liver

This week Dr. Jack and Mary go to the heart of what we do at Forbidden Doctor. First a heart-breaking story of triplets falling victim to vaccination, and their parents falling victim to a Kafka-esque, indifferent medical system. Then we talk the science about one of the all-time great super foods: liver. And in this […]