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194: Are We Looking At An Extinction-Level Event?


This sickness and these crazy times are all anyone is talking about, but we keep hearing the same things, over and over and over. Enough. There is a lot more to consider here than flattening curves and procuring toilet paper, including the medical establishments reaction so far, government overreach, and a huge amount of disinformation […]

193: What They Won’t Tell You About Your Immune System and 5G


What if our wireless technology is harmful to health? Would we be capable of changing direction in the face of global inertia and dependence on the technology? Why aren’t the powers that be interested in studying true health impacts of EMF radiation on humans? This week Dr. Jack and Mary cover the possible 5G link […]

192: Notes From Forbidden Doctor


Sometimes it seems that our knowledge of the day to day clinic interactions we have with health seekers of all shapes and sizes is itself such a great collection of wisdom and health knowledge, that it’s worth preserving for future use. This week, Dr. Jack Stockwell takes us through some of the most commonly asked […]

191: When All Other Therapies Fail


What if there were a publicly accessible library of symptom-ology, and deep knowledge of alternative, whole, concentrated, food-based protocols to support your body naturally, as it deals with the maladies of poor nutrition in our western diet? Describing symptoms and protocols for over 600 different issues, the new Forbidden Doctor symptom library has been unlocked […]

190: Your Immune System – The Forbidden Defense


Here we go again, with a complete media panic over the current pandemic, spreading around the world as we speak. To be clear, this virus can be very dangerous for immune-compromised people. But the CDC has gone to red alert even while researchers in India are identifying some shocking information about the potential origins of […]

Forbidden Immunity: The Secrets to Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Revealing Your Hidden Immunity

Every winter, the media interviews doctors about preparing for cold and flu season. Of course, they all recommend getting the flu vaccine, but say nothing about strengthening the body to be able to withstand the pathogens. It’s not surprising because vaccinations and pharmaceuticals are the medical establishment’s answer for practically every nuisance. It’s also a big cash cow. Episodes […]