200: The Germ Theory of Disease is Not True!


140 years ago, doctors and scientists understood that germs and viruses played a secondary role in human health, but somehow over the decades, this knowledge moved to the center of disease theory, where it now reliably distorts our understanding, and our mitigation of viral and bacterial outbreaks. No matter what else changes in the coming years about the medical establishments, we must strive to move the focus beyond the germ. Beyond the virus.

For this very special 200th episode, Dr. Jack and Mary take us on a tour de force of the history of the Germ Theory of Disease, from its corruption of the original science, to its corruption in the hands of profitable disease treatment. The time has never been more important to nourish our forbidden doctors within each of us. The future of human wellness very well depends on it.

Tune in to be outraged and educated by this red herring of the medical establishment and learn what can be done about it.


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