202: It’s Over! Bye, Bye C0VlD-19!


It seems every week we learn how one government agency or other was wrong about our current health crisis. And while we’ve all heard about all the plans various entities have to sell you a miracle cure in the coming weeks and months, some of the top thinkers in epidemiology are ready to blow the end-game whistle.

How can that be? This week, Dr. Jack and Mary discuss why we may be over the hump on this one. It turns out, herd immunity is not only possible, but there is more and more emerging evidence that we’ve probably reached it! Will the powers that be in our medical establishment admit as much before all the vaccine products roll out? Tune in to understand the science of immunity and why personal responsibility and our health choices will ultimately lead us out of this mess.


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2 thoughts on “202: It’s Over! Bye, Bye C0VlD-19!

  1. Rosa says:

    Thanks dr. Stockwell and Mary for your podcasts very informative.
    Would you please do a podcast on EBV ( Epstein Barr Virus, my daughter just got diagnosed with this I’m pretty sure I passed on to her, I have been dealing with health issues and I think a lot has to do with this nasty virus, please I need a protocol to help my daughter to fight this ugly virus .
    Thanks a lot and regards

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Rosa,

      Thanks for your patience – this request has been sent to Dr. Jack and Mary to discuss. We’re always looking for show ideas, so you never know!

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