Forbidden Immunity: The Secrets to Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Revealing Your Hidden Immunity

Every winter, the media interviews doctors about preparing for cold and flu season. Of course, they all recommend getting the flu vaccine, but say nothing about strengthening the body to be able to withstand the pathogens. It’s not surprising because vaccinations and pharmaceuticals are the medical establishment’s answer for practically every nuisance. It’s also a big cash cow.

Episodes #6 and #7 of the Forbidden Doctor podcast explain how using vaccines bolster the pharmaceutical industry’s profits while harming the health of average people. We suggest you take a Valium before listening to those episodes, because you will be very upset when you find out how powerful the medical lobby is and what they are doing against the health of Americans for the bottom line. As you have recently been made aware by the national media, medical doctors are the third largest cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

Healthy People Can Rely on Their Immune Systems

Assuming that you don’t have any serious health problems, you can typically rely on your immune system to keep you safe from viruses and bacteria. In fact, you see your immune system do this all the time. It’s what causes coughing, sneezing and diarrhea. Doctors look at these normal excretionary functions as symptoms of illness when they are really signs that your immune system is doing its job. Sure, diarrhea is unpleasant, but would you rather have these pathogens stay in you? The brilliance of your immune system’s inner wisdom is to gather all the liquid it needs to flush out these toxins through your colon. This is one reason you need to consume a lot of liquids when you’re sick. This is how your healthy immune system eliminates the whole litany of harmful bacteria and viruses.

The Doctor May Actually Harm Your Immune System

If you have a seasonal sickness like the flu or a cold, going to the doctor could hamper your immune system’s response. That’s largely because of the drugs used to treat (read “manage”) illnesses. We would all like to think the action of getting our flu shot was the result of a benevolent industry looking over us. The medical industry exists for the medical industry, just as the petroleum industry exists for the petroleum industry. The national altruistic understanding of modern medicine may be what’s directly contributing to 260,000 deaths a year. And these deaths are from correct prescriptions and procedures that went wrong.

85% of your immune system is found in your gut for a very good reason, your gut wall is your first line of defense against the outside world passing through your digestive system. We all know we have lymph glands along the sides of the neck, under our arms and in our groin. But often people are surprised to learn how much lymph is in the tissue that makes up the intestines. The lymph, especially the lymph glands, are the police stations of your body, where the cells of the immune system are constantly on patrol protecting you from harmful influences that we either eat or drink or breathe in. The micro-biome (bacteria – good and bad, virus – good and bad, parasites – good and bad, molds – good and bad, protozoa – good and bad, etc.) is the key element that no one talks about, especially doctors, and we ignore this at our peril. The good flora keeps the bad flora at bay. We have a symbiotic relationship with the micro-biome in your gut. We provide it with warmth, oxygen and food, it provides us with B vitamins, amino acids, neurotransmitters, enzymes, heavy metal chelation, etc.

Unfortunately, your doctor will probably give you a dose of antibiotics to help you recover from illness. In the process, those antibiotics wipe out much of your gut flora and disrupt the balance that keeps you healthy – a terrible catch 22.

You follow their advice because you haven’t researched it yourself and all too often negative results occur. We are not saying that antibiotics are bad. Within the medical industry’s peer reviewed journals there is a constant admonition to cut back on the continued overuse of medication.

In a true crisis, live saving situation, antibiotics play a big role, but it’s difficult anymore to come out of a physician’s office without at least one antibiotic. And they never discuss or advise on how to rebuild your crucially important micro-biome which is the basis of your immune system, so you won’t “catch” the next virus that comes along.

This is a travesty.

Keeping Your Immune System in Good Health

Eating a healthy diet, and taking whole food supplements, is one of the most important things you can do to keep your immune system healthy. You need your gut flora to flourish, so you should eat a diet that includes plenty of fermented foods like sauerkraut, organic whole milk yogurt and kefir, bone broth, organic pastured eggs, organ meat (see liver shot recipe), etc., all of which are part of the GAPS diet.

If you’re like most people, you lead a busy lifestyle that makes it difficult for you to get the nutrition you need. While it’s best to get nutrition directly from food, you can benefit from taking the right kinds of supplements. These need to be whole food supplements, which most are not. Concentrated whole foods marries modern technology with our innate understanding of nutrition.

What you need to do is focus on what we call the 6-3-6 protocol, also known as the Healing Triad. Listen to podcast #3.

Calcium lactate is the first component of the triad. You want this form of calcium because it’s the easiest form for your body to absorb and convert into calcium bicarbonate. Consuming this type of calcium contributes to a calcium wave in your bloodstream that helps destroy and rid the body of pathogens.

Cataplex C is the second component of the Healing Triad. We didn’t say vitamin C, which is usually just ascorbic acid and not the vitamin complex found in whole foods. Real vitamin C complex is the magic bullet of the immune system. Whole food vitamin C is necessary for a process called chemotaxis to occur. Chemotaxis is simply the process by which the white blood cells move against pathogens. This cannot occur without sufficient levels of whole food vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, a small component of whole food vitamin C, cannot make this occur on it’s own.

Cataplex F is the third component of the Healing Triad. It is a concentration of essential fatty acids derived from beef liver. The primary role of Cataplex F (vitamin F) is to release stored calcium in the blood stream and drive it into the deeper tissues where many calcium dependent immune processes occur.  Vitamin F was well-accepted for decades, but today, the FDA says it doesn’t exist. You have to wonder where it went? Without this essential nutrient, calcium will remain in the blood rather than being available in the tissues where the immune system needs it. This is like having your cash locked up in the bank vault rather than in an ATM where you can easily get to it.

It’s important to understand when dealing with a strong and healthy immune system that these micronutrients are vitally important for a strong and robust immune response. It is our opinion, that if this pillar of nutritional concepts was understood and taught in the medical arena, let alone our public schools, the gut destroying effect of the over use of antibiotics would slip away into the pages of history.

So the Healing Triad is:

6 Calcium Lactate

3 Cataplex F

6 Cataplex C

Rather than spending a lot of money on prescriptive and non-prescriptive medications, a daily dose of these inexpensive immune building supplements, this Triad of Health, especially during the flu season has proven itself effective with so many of our patients, that many of them can now go the entire winter season with not so much as one cold. Our immune systems have worked just fine for over 200,000 years of human history. All it needs is the right nutrients to continue to get the job done.

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