195: Forbidden Answers To Fearful Propaganda


No matter what you believe about the current global health crisis, one this is clear: co-morbidities are the key to the most serious cases. But why are so many of us already sick when a crisis like this hits?

This week Dr. Jack and Mary try to put things in proper perspective, with some good news to counter all the grim news we see every day. The good news is, the world is mostly good news, all the time. The key to healing is hope over fear, and knowledge over disinformation. Tune in to learn why there are numerous reasons to feel great, even now, and how to tap into your body’s own innate healing engine.


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2 thoughts on “195: Forbidden Answers To Fearful Propaganda

  1. Sally M Steffen says:

    I just listened to a podcast with you andI think it was antromax (something you took for itchy eyes and nose running due to the plants and out of doors in spring in the air things that would cause an allergy. What was it for sure? I am having the same problem right now. I would like to order it. I think they said DJV code

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