Ask Dr. Jack & Mary – Synthetic Vitamins Revisited, and Unbearable Vascular Problems

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I’m a big fan of your podcast and I as well as many others that I have referred take lots of supplements from you and Standard Process. My teacher who is a biochemist sent me this article and I was wondering what you had to say to it in regards to taking vitamins? I’m very curious and thanks for taking the time. – J.

What a great article this is! And I could not agree with the writer more and at the same time disagree, but not at what he is saying because I wholeheartedly accept the studies he mentions, but there is a very large piece of the puzzle the writer and many others completely neglect. That is the source of the vitamins!

All those studies and Pauling’s research has been based on synthetic vitamins that are mere chemical fractions of the real McCoy. The studies on vitamin C, ascorbic acid, as well as vitamin E, tocopherol oils, and vitamin A, beta-carotene, all involve chemical counterfeits of the true vitamin. Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid despite what the FDA says any more than a steering wheel is the car. These vitamins came from a laboratory. This is why vitamin C will not “cure” a cold.

There is no vitamin C bush, no vitamin E tree, and certainly no vitamin A root. There is no vitamin A in a carrot. There are precursors to vitamin A in a carrot, but no vitamin A.

Mary and I have podcasts on this subject. We have one also on the antioxidant scam and I believe we site the same reference in the podcast that appears in the Atlantic.

The major objection we have with this article is that the distinction between chemical fractions that mimic a vitamin to a certain degree, are as completely different from a food based vitamin as the moon is different from the sun.

Always read the labels. If the label states the amount of the vitamin present in whole numbers and never lists sources such as animal products you can bet it came from a big mixing tank in some pharmaceutical plant somewhere. One of the largest manufacturers of “vitamins” is Hoffman LaRoche in Louisana. While their primary business is pharmaceuticals, they are not stupid and play on the ignorance of most people as the Atlantic clearly points out.

The only source of whole food vitamin E, D, A, K is from an animal, with the exception of sunlight for vitamin D.

I would conclude with this, 99% of the supplements in the market today are not fit for a dog. The continued use of them by humans will definitely lead to an increase in all-cause mortality and a shortened life. We encourage the “dog taste test”. Put store-bought supplements in one hand and food-based supplements in another, such as supplements from Standard Process, and see which one the dog will eat.

Thanks so much for listening to the Forbidden Doctor and your question.

I am a 49 year old male 5 feet tall 115 pounds living out east. I have been diagnosed with Buerger’s Disease almost 11 years ago. Besides not smoking, getting plenty of exercise, water , not being over weight, avoiding being out in the cold, what would you recommend in help for dealing with the pain? I get bad pain in my leg due to Buerger’s disease to the point where a lot of night’s it hurts so bad I can not sleep. My doctor can’t seem to find what is causing the pain. Is there anything that can be done or is there nothing that can’t be done? Tired of this daily pain. Just hope the Buerger’s Disease has not progressed to the point that I might need either my toes or feet removed. R. – Pennsylvania

We assume the doctors have ruled out atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease. We would like to know a little more of what else is going on in your body that could be contributing to this pain. How about you jump over and take ou free Symptom Survey:

Once you fill out the Symptom Survey our staff will take a look at it and pass it on to us for review. You can either create an account or let us create one for you to get inside our website and we can make some suggestions for you once we have a better overall understanding of what is going on. Then we can make some recommendations and see if we can help you at that point.

We have some ideas, and we want you to understand that problems involving the arteries and veins of the body, like Buerger’s Disease, will often have contributing factors from other problems going on in the body that may not at first, be obvious. We may very well be able to help you, but we need more information first. Filling out the Symptom Survey is a service we offer at no charge, and ensures that we have the complete picture before recommending a protocol for something as serious as Buerger’s.

I have been diagnosed with Venous vein insufficiency after a Ultra-sound this month. The doctor is recommending closing off two veins in my left leg and 3 veins in my right leg. Right now I’m wearing compression socks to help, but my left foot has been swollen from the beginning of December. The socks are helping a little.

By chance, I had just had listened to Episode 124 where you discussed the use of Castor oil pack, coffee enemas and gall bladder flush as well as using Collinsonia root, Cyruta Plus, Protefood, and Echinacea. Is this something that will alleviate the need for surgery or it is only a part of the solution? Thank you for your assistance and love the shows. D.B. – Arizona

This is tricky!

Your venous vein insufficiency did not happen overnight. It took years. From a nutritional point of view, it will take months to recover and heal, but it can be done. We have no opinion on whether you should do the surgery or not, but know this, those veins will not be replaced with new ones, and there will be continuing side effects thereafter.

We are happy that you heard the exact podcast you were needing to hear, whether you do the surgery or not, those recommendations of supplementation in that podcast will help you either way. They will support you in healing and restoring before the fact, and even after surgery to help prevent this from happening again. Remember, you have to fix the REASON for venous vein insufficiency. It is our experience that a continual state of inflammation in the arteries and the veins is what leads to this kind of condition. Though we cannot prove that, we have been able to learn that by addressing the foundational inflammation aspect through nutritional support, we have been able to determine various protocols that have demonstrated to be very effective in helping to improve venous function. Perhaps this might work for you.

Before getting surgery, you might consider getting a second, and a third medical opinion.

Please go to our website and take the free Symptom Survey. There are several factors that contribute to arterial and venous inflammation. Taking the Symptom Survey would give us a better idea of just what is going on inside your body.

We deeply appreciate your listenership.

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  1. Marian Connelly says:

    My blood test shows that my belirubin is high. I had gallbladder out in June 2018. It was emergency surgery.. I am worried that the bile in my body now has no where to go or that my liver is suffering. Your comments, please.

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