137: Higher Cholesterol = A Longer, Healthier Life

Dumb Doctors

Doctor Jack and Mary are back with an amazing collection of peer reviewed data that they will be using to show us how statins and the myth of cholesterol is far worse than a health scam; it’s going to create an unprecedented crisis in our health care in the US.

Big Pharma and the US medical establishment have made a backroom deal that is defrauding Americans of their money and their health.

Half the statin labels will say right on the cover that they won’t help with heart disease or heart attacks. Let me say that again. The label itself on these statins shows us all we need to know about their effectiveness. Crazy making!

Meanwhile, the health problems that research has associated with these statins are beginning to emerge, as predicted. What can we do? Tune in to find out.

6 thoughts on “137: Higher Cholesterol = A Longer, Healthier Life

  1. Jim North says:

    All of us will die. I do not want to live forever. I’m much more interested in quality of life in the intervening years. If I could choose my cause of death, it would not be diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, liver or kidney disease, etc. (with their various lingering miseries), or stroke (with its potential for persistent vegetative state). Perhaps, the best option is a massive heart attack. Will you please address quality of life, and quality of death, instead of focusing on length of life only? Please note that this is in reference to the cholesterol podcast (137) only – I’ve been on foreign assignment for two years, and have not kept up. Maybe you’ve already covered these points, and I’ve missed it . . .

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Jim, We agree! And yes we’ve covered quality of life here and there over the years. In fact, we would argue that the point of the Cholesterol podcast was exactly that. It’s not just about living longer. It’s having fewer health problems along the way. It’s avoiding medications that can lessen quality of life. We’re right there with you. Welcome home!

  2. David Rooney says:

    I am 69 years old. Several years ago I was put on statins (tried a couple different ones), I developed pain in my calfs, suspected DVT but ruled it out due to some different symptoms. Stopped the statins and it took a couple months before the pain subsided. Today I walk at least 5 miles/day, feel fine with only occasional hip problems.
    Dietary intake is mostly organic, plenty of leafy vegetables, potatoes or sweet potato, meat, and a whole fruit. cooking oils are coconut or butter.
    This is not the lifestyle I followed 20 years ago when I followed the current health guidelines eating mostly grains and low fat. I have always been a little over weight my whole life (BMI=28).
    JACK: what are your thoughts on the KETO diet?

  3. Barbara Hanks says:

    Wow! What a life-changing treasury of information about our health and the way big-money interests seek to deceive us into buying their products–no matter what the consequences are to our well-being. Thank you, Dr. Jack and Mary for all the research you put into this!

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