138: The FDA Admits Vaccinations Can Cause Autism

terrified girl getting a shot

Many of our listeners know where we are coming from when it comes to the US vaccination schedule for our children.

The insane amount of vaccinations given pointlessly to newborns, all the way up to the known side-effects administered to kids in this country every day, are nothing short of crazy making.

And now the FDA admits it!

This week, Dr. Jack and Mary show the peer-reviewed research coming to light on this frustrating and ever-present topic that vindicates what we’ve been saying for years. Tune in to see why the lies of omission keep piling up and how the deceit can have real harm on our families.

One thought on “138: The FDA Admits Vaccinations Can Cause Autism

  1. Jackie says:

    I love your podcast. They’re so informative. I like to learn a about health and how to take care of your body. The heath of our children and grandchildren is so important.

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