139 – Ditch The Diet

Ditch the Diet

This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle the diet fads that have been taking our money for decades. It’s not just that many diets are not effective (they’re not!) but it’s the lack of real food science, sometimes touted by real doctors, that is harming us as we attempt to lose weight.

Who signs up to lose weight along with their health? It turns out, almost all of us, as we try these latest diets! But there is a better way, one that helps with weight stabilization, but most importantly, one that nourishes your systems properly, and debunks the low-fat nonsense at the heart of most diets.

Dr. Jack and Mary take us through the science of truly nourishing our bodies, and showing us with startling clarity why we need to be ditching these fly-by-night diets once and for all.

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    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Braden – far and away the biggest issue with dairy is how we pasteurize it. This annihilates large swaths of the nutrients available and makes it harder to digest. If you can find raw cow milk, it’s pretty marvelous nutritionally. There are certainly also parts of the population that are not tolerant of dairy for a number of reasons, but sensitivities are often addressed by starting with basic gut health, so we resist saying it’s hopeless even for dairy-intolerant individuals, but there may be work involved.

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