The only thing between you and a healthy pancreas is your DOCTOR!

Dr. Jack StockwellMy name is Jack Stockwell.

Not long ago, I had to face my biggest fear… the possibility of cancer.
I was in pain. I needed help and I needed it right away. One CT scan later, my medical doctor told me my pancreas no longer had a measurable border. “Atrophic pancreas,” they call it. It was basically “wasting away.”

My doctor said it was a precancerous condition. He wanted to do what most medical doctors do: see me regularly every 6 months.

I’ve seen enough patients with pancreatic cancer in my career to know I didn’t have time to “wait and watch”. My wife Mary and I knew what we had to do.

We’ve been helping patients at our clinic heal faster and stronger with enzymatic supplements for more than a decade. But we hadn’t considered targeting and nourishing the pancreas specifically, and for me, this was the only route back to health.

We had to find a supplement powerful enough to “do the job”… before it was too late. We looked and looked, searched and searched, for an enzyme supplement that met our requirements and found…

None. Zilch. Nada.

We were stunned. But we were undaunted. You see, I’ve been in the unique position to work with compounders on incredible whole food supplements before, so Mary and I quickly decided we would develop our own product, firstly for my own sake, and if it turned out like we wanted it to, to share with others too. We created a product containing critical digestive enzymes, as well as real whole foods designed to nourish the pancreas and the entire endocrine system in ways our modern diets have failed to do.


Even my doctor grudgingly agrees that the turnaround was stunning. Within a few months, my pancreas appeared healthy and as if there had never been an issue. What Mary and I have said all these years turned out to be the truth that saved my life. Nourish your body properly and let the Forbidden Doctor within you fight disease for you. There is no more natural or intuitive way to to do this.

And nourishing your endocrine system naturally before there is a problem helps to prevent:

    • Early Aging
    • Hypoglycemic weight gain
    • Abnormal sugar cravings
    • Sluggish Metabolism
    • Pancreatitis
    • Pancreatic Cancer
    • Heartburn/Reflux
    • Poor Immunity

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“Meh. I’m still not sure”

  • Blandy McBlandenstein says "meh"
  • Do I have to take LongLife Energy Enymes forever?


    LongLife Energy Enzymes assist in foundational healing through nutrition. They aren’t drugs.

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OK, so what did we put in LongLife Energy Enzymes?

    • Pancreatic Support: Whole-food bovine pancreas powder allows you to take the load off, and nourish your exhausted pancreas. Chlorophyllin and Sodium Copper gives the pancreas a break and has been shown to relieve pancreatitis.
    • Food Breakdown & Digestion: Trypsin 2500 USP, Chymotrypsin 1000 USP, and Pancreatin 6X support the digestion and breakdown of all foods – starch, sugars, fats and proteins. (These are some of the most powerful enzymes on the planet!)
    • Anti-diabetic effect: Salacia Oblonga PE 10:1 Roots & Stems, Gymnema Silvestre, and Emblica Officinalis Extract (Amalaki) – all clinically proven to provide an anti-diabetic effect. And bitter melon extract which has an anti-diabetic effect due to insulin mimetic activity.
    • Reduces pancreatic cancer growth: Turmeric Extract 955 Curcumin, shown in preclinical studies to inhibit pancreatic cancer cells growth.
    • Prevents oxidative stress: Kombucha Culture blend (Camelia Sinensis) prevents oxidative stress to islet cells and helps avoid pancreatitis.

Don’t take our word for it!

Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell

This product saved Jack’s life! Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell have been healing people for over three decades at their clinic in Utah.

But don’t take their word for it. This supplement has proven to help countless patients. The point is to get free of chronic treatment and not be stuck on drugs for all sorts of maladies for the rest of your life. So check with our pancreas/endocrine patients. They’re the ones to ask:

Forbidden Doctor LongLife Energy Enzymes Supplement FactsA few months ago I had a cancer-screening test which came back positive for cancer markers. Dr Jack and Mary Stockwell suggested I take LongLife Energy Enzymes together with other personalized supplements. I did, religiously, for 2 months. Then I had another test, and I was thrilled to get test results showing NO cancer markers in my body at all!

–Ally C.

My liver function tests have been dangerously high for over a year now. I went from doctor to doctor but other than recommending monthly blood tests and quarterly scans – they had nothing to offer me. After just six weeks of taking my LongLife Energy Enzymes and sticking to Mary’s GAPS protocol, my symptoms have vanished and my blood tests confirm that for the first time in over 12 months – my liver functions are fully back to normal!

– Chen B.

A Phenomenal Deal

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