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“What we have put together is the most concentrated energy enzyme on the market today.” – Dr. Jack Stockwell


I was in pain, I needed help and I needed it fast. My doctor pointed out to me that my pancreas had no measurable border. There it was…my own CT Scan! They call it atrophic pancreas, no definable borders, “a wasting away.” My doctor said it was a precancerous condition and he wanted to watch it and see me every 6 months. I didn’t have the time to “watch.”

My wife Mary and I knew what we had to do. We looked and searched for a supplement that met our requirements. We found none, SO WE HAD TO MAKE OUR OWN. We went to a premier compounder. We needed very strong enzymes. Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Pancreatin 6X, and some of the finest herbs that mimic insulin. HE JUST ABOUT JUMPED OUT OF HIS CHAIR WHEN WE TOLD HIM WHAT WE WANTED.

He had asked his customers, mostly MLM’s, to do this for years but none would go to the expense. We did. All the others went “on the cheap”… He recommended we include a probiotic, and herbs that have been shown in studies to prevent cancer in mice.

WHAT WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER IS THE FINEST COMPOUND IN THE WORLD. This scientifically superior product gave my pancreas a rest and allowed it to heal.

I take them myself, everyday, to support my pancreas, and as a digestive aid, and an over all tonic, to clean out the debris I have built up in my blood, lymph, and gut over the years.

THIS IS A HIGHLY ACTIVE AND POWERFUL DIGESTIVE PRODUCT. It is packed with heavy-duty and very potent enzymes. Most people experience increased energy and an overall sense of well-being.

Because this product is so powerful, this can in some cases, cause short term intestinal gas, as accumulated matter in the gut is breaking down and being excreted. So if that happens, know that you need this more than ever! Excretion is a good thing!

This product, when taken on an empty stomach, can reduce the load on your pancreas and give it time to heal.

I MADE THIS PRODUCT FOR MYSELF, it isn’t cheap, but neither is my life. *

ENJOY THE PEACE THAT COMES FROM FOUNDATIONAL HEALING, Rather Than The Useless Frustration Of Managing Symptoms



OK, so what did we put in LongLife Energy Enzymes?

  • Pancreatic Support: Whole-food porcine pancreas powder allows you to take the load off, and nourish your exhausted pancreas. Chlorophyllin and Sodium Copper gives the pancreas a break and has been shown to relieve pancreatitis.
  • Food Breakdown & Digestion: Trypsin 2500 USP, Chymotrypsin 1000 USP, and Pancreatin 6X support the digestion and breakdown of all foods – starch, sugars, fats and proteins. (These are some of the most powerful enzymes on the planet!)
  • Anti-diabetic effect: Salacia Oblonga PE 10:1 Roots & Stems, Gymnema Silvestre, and Emblica Officinalis Extract (Amalaki) – all clinically proven to provide an anti-diabetic effect. And bitter melon extract which has an anti-diabetic effect due to insulin mimetic activity.
  • Reduces pancreatic cancer growth: Turmeric Extract 955 Curcumin, shown in preclinical studies to inhibit pancreatic cancer cells growth.
  • Prevents oxidative stress: Kombucha Culture blend (Camelia Sinensis) prevents oxidative stress to islet cells and helps avoid pancreatitis.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers are saying about LongLife Energy Enzymes: