Forget Everything You Know About Heart Attacks

Supplements to Prevent Heart Attacks

When you ask your doctor about preventing heart attacks, he or she will probably tell you to cut fat out of your diet and avoid salt. You might even get a prescription for statins or other medications that force your body to lower your cholesterol. Like most people, you’ll try to follow your doctor’s instructions. And like most people, you won’t get healthier.

It isn’t your fault that you don’t get healthier. In some ways, it isn’t even your doctor’s fault since he or she has been force-fed misinformation created to keep the pharmaceutical industry healthy even if it means sacrificing human lives. If you follow the Forbidden Doctor podcast, you know that there is a more sensible approach.

Eating Fat Does Not Harm Your Heart

Today’s medical industry tells you to avoid fat because it can clog your heart. You can’t enjoy that prime rib or cheesy omelet because the fat will “kill” you.

Although it’s what most doctors will tell you, it doesn’t make much sense. What happens when you cook a hamburger on a grill? The fat gets hot and falls into the fire, right? The same thing happens in your body. Your internal core temperature keeps the fat you eat, like butter, liquid and mobile and your liver wraps that fat in a protein layer so it mixes with your blood, so it can travel through the body and NOT clog your arteries. In medical terminology, your body emulsifies the fat so it can easily be delivered to the cells for energy.

Many people are shocked to learn that their bodies need fat to thrive. It’s an essential part of repairing and energizing your organs. Without fat, your liver and heart can’t function. Yet the medical establishment wants you to buy drugs that will supposedly lower the fat in your body. You’re told this even though 60 percent of all fatal heart attacks don’t involve blood clots (thrombosis).

Stress is the Real Killer

If fat doesn’t cause heart disease, what does? The short answer is stress. Stress has become such a common part of Western civilization that people don’t stop to think about what it does to their bodies. You’re told to work harder and achieve more. If you take a moment’s rest, society says you’re lazy and need to work more.

This perspective is nonsense. When you constantly push yourself, your body doesn’t have a chance to repair. To make matters even worse, that busy lifestyle makes it nearly impossible to eat enough fat and protein, and whole food nutrients and skip the unhealthy fast foods – which are mostly full of processed grains and sugar. You also need to keep your spine properly aligned and get the restful sleep you so desperately need to repair and restore your body.

The Truth About Preventing Heart Attacks

Preventing heart attacks is all about giving your parasympathetic system an opportunity to do its job. The parasympathetic system, your rest and digest mechanism, releases hormones that calm your heart and mind. Ideally, it balances out the sympathetic system, your fight or flight mechanism, which releases stimulating hormones.

When a car suddenly brakes in front of you, your sympathetic system releases chemicals that make you alert. That’s good because it helps you avoid danger. Once the danger passes, your parasympathetic system responds with its calming hormones.

Unfortunately, constant stress never gives your parasympathetic system a chance to calm your nerves. Instead, the sympathetic system continues pouring adrenaline into your bloodstream even when there isn’t a threat.

Improving the parasympathetic system is the best way to prevent heart disease. You can do this by getting good healthy rest, sensible exercise and pay attention to your diet, but not in the way suggested by the medical establishment. Also, and just as important, keep your nervous system free and unimpeded by aligning your spine with an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment. This is one of the best ways to prevent a heart attack. If you are mis-aligned you can do all the healthy things in the world but you will still be out of balance with your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This imbalance can be one of the biggest contributing factors in a heart attack – but I’m betting you have never even heard of it! Go to: to learn more about this form of chiropractic care and to find someone in your area.

Start by eating the fatty foods you crave such as, butter, cream, eggs, and nitrite free uncured pork chops! (Who doesn’t like pork chops?!). They will benefit your body. Then, remove sugar – completely – from your diet. It does nothing to promote health and will only do harm. Finally, start taking LongLife Energy Enzymes™ that support digestion, renew your pancreas and help to prevent stress.

For most people, that’s all they have to do. When you focus on what matters, you find that your stress levels decrease and you become happier. Your body will respond by functioning as it should. In most cases, you don’t need the drugs, (this of course, needs to be reviewed by your prescribing physician) and certainly not or a low-fat diet. You just need a sensible approach that supports the body’s natural defenses, promotes better stress management, and gain a better understanding that healing comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

If you would like a deeper and more expansive explanation of the above topic, we refer you to a seminal article by Thomas Cowan, M.D., “What Causes Heart Attacks.”

9 thoughts on “Forget Everything You Know About Heart Attacks

  1. Jackie says:

    I did the symptom survey back in Oct 2015. I am using the chicken broth 1 cup a day it seams to have a lot of chicken fat in it. I am taking 1 Tablespoon of Udo’s ever day. I also use 1 Tablespoon flax oil and 3 teaspoons olive oil on my salads. How much fat do I need each day?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      It may well be a “re-set” of your adrenal gland. Drenamine is the perfect food for the adrenals, especially after using the PMG for a while. Cut back to ½ a pill and try that, or even a ¼ if necessary. You should be OK doing that. This is the first time I have heard that with Drenamine as it usually helps kick your energy into gear. Try this and let Mary and I know what happens. You should be able to get to a regular dosage quickly.

      Dr. Jack and Mary

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      How much do you crave? As in all food, short of sugar, processed carbs, and refined grains, you eat what you crave. Follow your cravings. One day you may not get enough fat, in meats, veggies, oils, nuts, whatever, and the next day the thought of fat disturbs you and you only want some fruit. There are no rules here except to not follow sugar cravings (addictions). So what do you want? Crave? Desire? It’s all fair game…as long as? Yes…it’s not sugar based! To give you an amount of fat to consume everyday is to throw you into a pigeon hole you do not belong in. You are unique. All by yourself. Create that further and listen only to your heart.

      Dr. Jack and Mary

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