78: Instant Relief for Sudden Muscle Cramps

Instant Relief for Sudden Muscle Cramps

We’ve all had them. Calmly slumbering, we move our leg the wrong way and WHAM! Pain of the highest order – unimaginable discomfort from peaceful slumber.

It may be the worst transition to make to wakefulness yet invented by man. And guess what? It sort of is invented by man; inasmuch as our lifestyles and diets play a role in bringing this horrid affliction on.

And with summer blasting away at us outside, we thought this was a timely topic to help any suffering listeners who want to avoid, or immediately relieve these nasty, painful symptoms.

What You Will Hear:
  • [00:00:50] Intro
  • [00:03:05] Forbidden Secrets of the Week
  • [00:09:35] E.P.I.?! We got you covered!
  • [00:12:20] Poptarts Are No Ode to Joy
  • [00:21:30] That Acute Night Pain
  • [00:27:20] Science of Muscle Tissue
  • [00:33:00] Lifestyle Plays a Role
  • [00:35:20] Female Cramps Have The Same Chemistry
  • [00:38:10] Royal Lee’s Prescience
  • [00:39:25] Synthetic D Is Not The Same
  • [00:50:30] Saving Lives for Pennies
  • [00:53:15] Another Place To Go To Learn About Leg Cramps
  • [00:43:20] You Are Now Free To Treat Yourself

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3 thoughts on “78: Instant Relief for Sudden Muscle Cramps

  1. James Muehlenkamp says:

    I have been trying to do the survey so we can join, but haven’t received a response. We believe that we have to more involved in our health.

  2. April Redmond says:

    My 6 year old daughter frequently gets leg pains and cramps at night after she’s been in the sun all day. She takes tuna oil, cod liver oil, and we eat a lot of fish, plus a primarily animal based diet. Is the flax seed oil in Cataplex F a different nutritional need than what she gets daily in her diet? How can I get the diet to be where she isn’t deficient in vitamin F?

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