Saving Your Life

Saving Your Life


There are concepts of health and healing that have been known since the dawn of time. I am referring to a period of human history’s origins that predates any and all records in our possession, regardless of any location, ethnic tribe, or race on this planet.

Mankind has managed to survive the worst imaginable destruction age after age, plague after plague, disease after disease and annihilation after annihilation. Our species has suffered wars, famines, poverty, volcanic eruptions that filled the planet wide atmosphere for years, floods that decimated entire populations, save but a few, and of course, heavenly visitors in the manner of asteroids, whose destructive forces pock marks the earth’s surface continent to continent.

And yet we are still here.

This first post will explain why we are still here by introducing the Forbidden Doctor (FD). Mary and I have published over eighty episodes touting the FD and his/her ability to heal our broken and ailing bodies. The FD has been known for thousands of years and is responsible for the fact that we can write this post and that you can read it. By the end of this post, the FD should be as real and manageable and reliable and accessible to all of us, as anything else in our world could possibly be.

Despite all the destructive means, we mentioned above, that have been a major part of “culling the herd” of mankind, there remains one, that in all its horror and prevalence, is the most destructive of all, as it not only kills mercilessly, as it has no regard for sex, age, or national origin, and is responsible also for not only death, but for needless suffering, infertility, autism, mental illness, cancer, nerve degeneration, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and an endless list of the most debilitating and life stealing maladies that could fill the rest of this post, just naming them.

Most of these “diseases” were virtually unheard of one hundred years ago, or at least, were very rare. Cancer, itself, was listed tenth as a cause of mortality (death) back then. Heart disease was never seen except among the rich and the most gastronomically decadent, i.e., people who could afford processed sugars. Obesity was seen only in the upper class, as they had the resources for the more processed of carbs.

The healing profession, unfortunately, has almost always followed the dollar over common sense and proven modalities. Wherever the money was the best, either in location or area of the market itself, “healing” seemed to be more prevalent, usually following the fad of the day, leeches, blood letting, exorcism, whatever.

Our current time period is no exception. Scientism has replaced the science of natural healing, something the body seems very proficient in doing provided it has the resources available to heal itself.

Scientism, being the uncritical application of scientific or quasi-scientific methods to inappropriate fields of study or investigation. In other words, 2+2 still equals 4, despite modern day approaches to “advanced” health care systems trying to prove 2+2 equals 5.

In other words, bottom line profit usually means more than results. This market driven approach to health care will almost always leave the truth somewhere in the past for the greater glory of the return on investment.

This first post is dedicated to the fact that despite all momentum to the contrary, the FD is still very much alive and just waiting to perform its most powerful and miraculous work in all of us.

Hippocrates, still considered the father of modern medicine, reportedly said around 400BC, that “All Diseases Begins In the Gut”. He is reputed to also have said “First, Do No Harm”.

This latter statement was not from Hippocrates, but from an interpretation of what is attributed to his “oath” by a doctor in the nineteenth century. Hippocrates did say as a part of the oath, as stated in a more modern translation, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

I like that.

That is of course, the answer to avoiding most health problems. If it were only true today in its application in health and healing as directed by the FDA, the CDC, the AMA and the NIH. Prevention is preferable to cure. If there were money in prevention, it would be the rule.

So what are we, Mary and I and all our support staff about?

We are going to offer an alternative, in stark contrast, to what is considered the standard of care today. In place of many overused antibiotics, many dangerous vaccines and many needless surgeries and drugs, we intend to activate your own innate intelligence and empower every cell in your body, that are set to build and repair,  if you will just devote a little research, some open mindedness, and dedication to the rest of this post.

We agree with Hippocrates. Disease is born inside the gut. The gut being the entire alimentary canal, beginning with your lips and ending at the anus. I suppose a more comprehensive description would entail any area occupied by microbes (virus, bacteria, molds, parasites, worms, etc.).

Yes, you have all of them. And we dismiss them or ignore them at our peril. There is nowhere inside or outside your body where microbes, in one form or another, fail to live and grow. But the primary area we are focusing on would be the stomach to the colon.

Hereafter, when we mention the “gut”, that is the area we are referring to.

If you were to open the gut up entirely and spread it out completely flat, it would be the size of a tennis court. This is no exaggeration. If you started counting the enterocytes, the name given to the basic cell structure of the gut, the cells that line the villi, the little hair like structures that line the gut wall, by the hundreds, there would not be enough time in your life to count them all.

They are in the trillions. These cells are turned over from life to death every 3-5 days as your digested food moves through the gut, to be absorbed by the enterocytes into your blood stream. These precious little cells do the work of picking up and delivering the vital nutrition you need to survive.

Here is a surprising piece of information. These little cells are not naked. They are not out standing in the cold darkness of separation. They are covered with the microbes we listed above. That is correct. If you have ever seen a picture of living gut tissue from an endoscopy exam, you can see the numberless little villi structures.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 13.44.23

But there is something just as important that you cannot see.
The microbes.

They are, obviously, microscopic and can only be detected through culturing and a microscope, except for the larger worms. Ew, I know, worms, but some of them are vital to good health. What? Worms are good? Some of them are because they produce various chemical compounds that are vital to good health and the good ones keep the bad ones at bay.

We mentioned that often we ignore these life forms, essential to life, at our peril. By ignoring, we mean, the foods we eat good and bad, and the foods we ignore, the good ones, will determine the health and vitality of this covering of the villi in your gut.

So what? Because the lining of all these enterocytes by these microbes, hereafter referred to as flora, will be very selective as to what passes this barrier into your blood stream, or it will turn a blind eye to its job of guarding and protecting you and let the most toxic and destructive substances thorough the gut wall into your blood.

Your body is designed to beg borrow and steal any and everything it can to keep your blood pure and clean and free of toxic substances. This is the job of the lymph, the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, and the skin. Those organs work just fine under normal conditions.

But what happens when the gates of the city ( your gut), your enterocytes, are under attack from the overgrowth of the wrong flora, the wrong microbes, and all the other things you consume of an unnatural source? The food additives like, mold inhibitors, flavor enhancers, color stabilizers, preservatives, and the like?

Simply put, what your eat or do not eat, will always determine the strength of your gut wall to protect you from harmful substances getting into the blood stream, and at the same time, inhibit or promote the growth of the good microbes that we know from modern research, provide you with B vitamins, amino acids, vital enzymes, chemical byproducts that are the chemical messengers that promote good gut health and good heath for the whole body.

You see, we do not believe in the survival of the fittest. We believe in a community of cooperation. We simply cannot survive without this massive amount of microbes in our gut any more than they can survive without us. We give them warmth, nourishment and protection. They give us life.

Obviously we want a predominance of good bacteria. Did Hippocrates know this? Who knows? But we do know the Greeks understood the role of food and nutrition in either causing disease or healing it. Ancient healing arts, such as the Chinese, and others, could smell the breath, feces or urine of their patient and know exactly what the problem was and what to do about it. Yuck, I know, but it worked.

As far as we know, the gut of a new born baby is sterile. There are no microbes in the baby’s gut at birth. So where does this covering of the newborn’s enterocytes come from? This is so vital. I do not want to impose any guilt here. If you or your children were not born vaginally from a very healthy mother, one whose gut was healthy, and then breast fed for at least eight months from that same healthy woman, you or they, have started on a difficult path. This actually happened to me, in that I was not breastfed. The good news is that this can be repaired. Your Forbidden Doctor knows how.

The microbes that will invade and grow inside the gut of a newborn comes from the material its eyes, mouth, skin, nose, ears, and groin pick up on the way out of the birth canal. The gut of the newborn will be no more healthy than the gut of the mother, and in most cases, due to the intimate contact of the mother and father, the baby will also get a dose of its father’s microbes as mom and dad have been sharing them for a while.

So the real scary thing is, we believe, is that the predictions of autism being one in two births by 2025, and some say 2020, and the exploding rates of infertility, not to mention the almost pandemic growth of auto-immune disease, unheard of 70 years ago, is directly related to the heath of the gut. We believe that almost all health challenges, as did Hippocrates, not to name drop, begin or end in the gut.

When the gates of the city are open and the guards have gone to sleep, in comes the enemy by night, and the normal pathways of detoxification through the organs already listed, simply cannot keep up with the toxic load and the most horrible of diseases are only a few mouthfuls away, if we can be so blunt.


If you have been listening to the FD’s podcast, you know by now, our position on what our posts will cover. This medium of the blog gives us a chance to go into greater detail on a number of subjects than time would allow on a verbal podcast.

GAPS is short for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It is an approach to the health and healing methodology that we are convinced existed in Hippocrates’ day and has existed in one form or another, throughout the history of mankind, and is the principle upon which our species’ survival has and will depend.

GAPS as we teach it, was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD. She practices outside Cambridge, in England. She was trained in medicine, receiving her MD while in Russia, then immigrated to England were she continued her education obtaining post-graduate degrees in nutrition and neurology. She practiced as a neurosurgeon in Russia. When it was discovered that her son had non-verbal autism she set out on a road, as millions of other mothers and fathers have, to find a cure.

She did find it. This was the birth of GAPS.

The connection between the health of the gut and the health of the rest of the body, especially the brain, as many of the toxins that do not get removed from the gut, that invade the blood stream, will end up in the brain.

As of today, her son is perfectly normal with no symptoms of autism whatsoever. He is not the only child delivered from that hell. Countless others have regained their mental abilities through the program developed by Dr. McBride.

So in practice, what is GAPS?

The GAPS protocol is designed to regenerate healthy enterocytes, which cover the villi that essentially comprise the gut wall. The gut wall is not like the inside of a  hollow tube like a garden hose. It is the barrier that the enterocytes, trillions of them wrapping the villi like a glove, that is protecting the pure blood stream from what is passing through the hollow area inside the gut.

GAPS revitalizes and heals those enterocytes. These cells regenerate the quickest of all the cells in the body. As already mentioned, they are born to die, about 3-5 days is their entire life span. These cells, constantly being produced from underlying stem cells, need certain fats and proteins that are the building blocks of healthy cells.

Unhealthy people do not have the building blocks in their diet that is so essential to good gut health. This where the GAPS Introductory Diet and the GAPS Whole Food Supplement Protocols can save your life. When the proper foods are missing, the building blocks cannot perform correctly and stem cell mutations begin. This is how cancer of the bowels begins.

Imagine this: If the enterocytes, the cells that line the gut wall, are washed away every 3 to 5 days why would the dangerous flora not wash out with it? It’s not that every 3 to 5 days the gut wall just disappears out the colon and we wait 3 to 5 days for the new one to grow. Like anywhere else in the body, cells are constantly turning over. Adjacent cells are dying while other cells are maturing, and so there’s a constant turn over like waves in a sea. Some are being born, some are maturing and some are dying, all at the same time. So the over population of the bad bacteria has a constant anchor to the cell wall. As a result, ulcerative colitis, crohns, IBS, celiac disease (leaky gut), constipation/diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn, weight gain, and the the never ending stream of new diagnostic gut conditions are maintained and continue in a chronically ill gut.

The GAPS diet comes in three stages.

We will only briefly mention them now as we go into great detail in Podcast Episode #4, and for a more in depth understanding Episodes #42 and #43, which explains and describes what happens.

The first stage is known as the Introductory Diet. This comes in 6 stages. This is where we heal and seal the gut. This can be as short as a few days or much longer depending on how well engrained the bad flora is in the gut wall.

The second stage is the Full Diet, where you have a wider range of food selections than the Intro Diet. Healing of the gut continues under the Full Diet, as well as healing of the rest of the body, of some of the most terrible of conditions.

The last stage is known as Coming Off the Diet, where you return to earlier eating habits combined with much more sensible food choices.

Some people start on the Full Diet and then go to the Intro if necessary.

How do you know which one to follow?

We offer a Symptom Survey right here, on this site that will help us and you decide that. But here are some suggestions up front.

If there is a history of flatulence, bloating, gastritis, diarrhea, etc., go on the Intro GAPS Diet right away. These are usually caused by explosive food allergies and intolerances where the wrong material is getting though the gut wall. This is the consummate leaky gut that almost everyone born and raised in a western nation has to some degree or another.

Your immune system will attack these foreign elements coming through the gut wall and give you an allergy to that protein. You may not have an allergy. It may just be an intolerance. When you have a reaction to something you have eaten, it may not be what you just ate. It could be something from hours, days, weeks earlier that you are finally reacting to. This is why healing and sealing the gut as soon as possible is so vital to recovery, so that the immune system can calm down, as an over reactive immune system can lead to an auto-immune problem.

As opposed to diarrhea, people with constipation should start on the Full GAPS Diet. And also, people who are very busy with their jobs or traveling a lot, should probably start on the Full Diet. Although, one of our patients took a hot plate to Disneyland on the Intro Diet, as she was so determined to heal her child, which she did, but the Full GAPS Diet is an easier way to deal with constipation. They can always go to the Intro Diet when their time demands slow down.

Your digestive system is very resilient. It can put up with a lot of abuse. You could have cancer of the bowel for twenty years before it makes its presence known. People can also have ADD, ADHD, BiPolar, depression, even schizophrenia without any gastric or gut symptoms. They should go on the Full GAPS Diet and as the symptoms start to disappear, go onto the Intro Diet.

The GAPS Intro Diet

This phase has six stages in three parts. The first two stages are to get rid of fiber that is damaging the gut wall. Yes fiber can be good, but it can also delay healing significantly as the fiber continues to brush an already damaged gut wall.

The second stage is to flood the gut with beneficial microbes. This includes fermented foods, beneficial bacteria that includes some soil bacteria in it. Soil bacteria kills pathogenic microbes. This is why you let your kids play in the dirt, and let the dog lick their face. Soil bacteria does not take up residence inside us. They pass through. They have a transitory effect, but in the early stages of healing and sealing the gut, we need these soil bacteria big time.

Then the third stage is providing the building blocks that regenerate the enterocytes and re-engages the guard at the gates of your life. This is healing and sealing the gut.

What can you expect from the GAPS protocol?

Food allergies will be gone! Gluten and lactose intolerances eliminated, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohns, abdominal pain, acid reflux, hiatal problems, etc., will disappear.

When you study this you will find that these materials used for the Intro and Full Diets have a lot of meat stock and meat broth for your food, as these two foods contain the nutritional building blocks needed to heal the gut wall, i.e., amino acids, minerals, fats, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, etc. Meat stock can take a few hours to prepare, bone broth can take a day or more to extract the building blocks to repair your gut. But repair they will! Some people will prefer to take chewable wafers, which we affectionately call “Soup in a Pill” … though not as completely effective as the real McCoy itself, it will do in a pinch or while traveling. Chewing 2-3 of these wafers will equal a cup of soup. 

Now if you are new to this, you are probably asking where do raw vegetables and fruit play into this. Raw fruits and vegetables do not rebuild us. We simply cannot digest them. So they must be cooked very well, so the fibers holding the nutrients can break down a little.

Mother Nature has provided us with two types of food to heal and build our bodies. The food industry, on the other hand, gives us food to serve the interests of the food industry.

If you want to heal and seal the gut, and as a result cure yourself of whatever is plaguing you, anything the food industry has made, has to go.

We had a patient just the other day that complained as to how members of the family sit around watching TV and eating potato chips. We said, “stop buying potato chips!” Stop buying it for you and your family. It will only make things worse and delay your healing.

The foods that build are few. They are meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Fruits and vegetables cleanse and detoxify the body. They do not build the body.

Fruits and vegetables are the cleaners of nature. They no not provide complete nourishment, they are designed to clean out our bodies of what does not belong there through detoxification, involving the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, the gut and the skin.

Clean grass pastured, non-commercial meats, deep ocean fish, not farmed, organic eggs, and raw dairy are the feeding foods, the building foods.

So what about vegans and vegetarians?

I have the greatest respect for the morale reasons to not eat animal flesh. I distain the commercial meat industry that produces food for their own interest and not the health of the buying public. But the simple fact remains, fruits and vegetables do not build the body. You do not make new biceps with broccoli; you do not make new eye cells with strawberry’s.

I have had several patients over the past few decades that have been either vegan or vegetarian. One can be a vegetarian if they eat fish and eggs. We address this in Episode 56, Animal Proteins vs. Plant Proteins.

Can you go an a vegan diet for health reasons?

Of course you can. It is highly recommended in many cases of extremely toxic conditions.

I had this young woman of 16 I recently cured of her migraines. At 14 she became a vegan. In a few months her periods stopped. She started looking like a skeleton. No energy. Listless. Non-emotional. Withdrawn. She had “washed” herself away with fruits and vegetables.

An interesting thing is that when you look back through history, prior to the Dark Ages, you will find no mention of vegetarianism. All earlier societies and cultures were built on animal foods from the ocean or the forest.

Energy on our planet comes from the sun. Nature captures the sun’s energy and combines it with water and minerals from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air and produces carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables. Herbivores convert these plants into more dense nutritional substances as in their meat and their dairy. They have to eat all day to do this.

Interestingly enough, cows do not convert grass into meat. The bacteria in their gut does. Cows will chew the same cud 200 times, then swallow it, then bring it back up again and chew it some more in order to liberate the contents of the fibrous material enough that the bacteria in their four stomachs can further breakdown the grass. Then the bacteria convert the carbohydrates into short chain fatty acids for absorption through the gut wall of the cow. The cow thrives on fatty acids just like us. So herbivores are on a high fat diet! And when we eat the cow, we get hours of their grazing in a few minutes of chewing.

We humans have a small stomach. It fills up with hydrochloric acid and pepsin. These two materials breakdown protein, not carbs. You could eat all the salad and vegetables you want and stuff your stomach with these things and they will not digest. They simply will not.

Our stomachs, filled with acid, not plant digesting bacteria, are designed to digest meat, fish, dairy and eggs. That’s it. The plant world is undigestable by humans. We do not have cellulase, the enzyme that breaks down plant material. Herbivores and their bacteria do. We do not.

If you chew your vegetables and fruits enough, that material will be attacked by microbes in the bowel, but the microbes, like in the herbivore, will convert it to fatty acids.

Scientists will take plants into the laboratory, such as spinach, or beets, or carrots, or whatever, and take them apart chemically through chemical baths and dissolution. Then they can say that this fruit or that vegetable contains this or that substance and that is why we should eat it.

We do not have those chemicals and solvents used in the laboratory in our digestive system. Our gut is not an experimental laboratory. It is the finest disassembly plant on the earth. But it is designed only to disassemble animal products.

Overweight, toxic and congested people will do well on a vegan diet, as some of the juice and enzymes in the plants, released by juicing or chewing, will trigger detoxification in their bodies. But in time, you will get a signal to start eating animal protein again. You will get a hunger that plants cannot satisfy. Again, look at indigenous tribes – there is no history of veganism.

Vegetarianism was first explored by monks during the Dark Ages in their monasteries. They found that getting rid of meat would suppress their sexual urges by decreasing the sex hormones that are cholesterol dependent. If you want to decrease your sex drive and the controlling hormones that regulate that drive, become vegetarian, or worse, vegan, and stay that way.

Mr. Post, a christian minister just over a hundred years ago, was a leader in a religious community. They frowned on sex. They felt it was evil and of the devil beyond having children. He put together foods that eliminated meat, especially the cereals he became famous for and still are available in the grocery stores.

Mr. Kellogg, not to be outdone, did the same with various grains. We simply do not have the digestive systems to handle foods of this nature, especially in this volume.

Grains are bad? Not if you ferment them.
Vegetables are bad? 
Not if they’re well cooked, crushed, juiced or if you take the time to ferment them.

Fermentation predigests these carbohydrates so that you can get the vital ingredients to a greater portion, but they also load the gut with the beneficial bacteria that fermented the food.

Before we leave this, we have to say, you can eat vegetables and carbohydrates if you crave them. I mean really crave them.

What will they do for you? Lower your high blood pressure for one. How about weight loss, clearing of the skin and eyes, return of energy? Here is the trap to watch out for. It is easy to think that if going vegan or vegetarian, giving you that initial “feel good”, is the way to remain, because they made you feel better through the effect of the rapid and thorough cleansing you are getting. 

This is what is so deceiving about veganism and vegetarianism – it’s hard believe that the very diet that made you feel so much better is not the same diet that will rebuild you and keep you healthy. But it just isn’t true. Although, the more toxic you are, the better your initial results from going vegan or vegetarian will be.

Processed foods will kill you. Occasional vegetarianism or veganism will clean those toxins out. But you will eventually get hungry for building and repairing again. Then you must follow that craving to do so.

So what do you do now?

Cleanse or build?
What have you been doing?
Do you need to change something?
How about fasting altogether?

Fasting allows the body to move away from building and start cleansing. Fasting has been shown to heal many diseases. A lot of us practice intermittent fasting, 12-16 hours without food. That is easy to do. No food after 4PM until breakfast or lunch the next day. That has actually been shown to assist detox.

The truth about food choices is this, no one knows what you should be doing, only your body, the Forbidden Doctor, knows.

The human body is a miraculous design and glorious machine. If you are working hard you need a certain kind of nutrient mix. If you are sitting down all day you need another.

So how do you know what you need?

Nature has given you the answer to that. The smells, taste and pleasure of food. Listen to it. Then you will know what to do. Ask yourself, “what do I want right now?” Ice cream, pizza, potato chips, no! Only natural foods. Only the foods nature made, not man. There is nothing man can do to process greater value into what Mother Nature made first.  Anything man touches in the way of processing will only denature the food in return for shelf life.

Your body has the knowledge of what is food, so the food industry puts addictive substances into processed foods to get you to desire it. These foods have had the enzymes, vitamins and minerals removed, only to be replaced by toxic chemicals to fool your brain that those orange colored crispy crunchy things are food.

So what does your body really want?
Ask it. Maybe it wants bacon and eggs. Maybe a steak. Maybe it wants butter and cream, an apple, or a salad, or raw nuts or maybe a nice rare prime rib. Ask it.

Maybe it doesn’t want anything. Maybe it wants to rest. Listen to it.

When you give your body what it really wants your desire for that food will change to something else. Follow that. You may be craving fish, and you eat a nice halibut or salmon steak as a result of that craving. Then shortly thereafter you find that same desire for fish becoming the last thing you want to eat. This is how your brain talks to you with what it wants for food. Then a few hours later you might have an unbearable craving for an avocado tomatoe based salad, drenched in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Again, this is your brain telling you what it wants.

We can definitely tell you what it doesn’t want but may be addicted to: Artificial sweeteners, artificial butter (margarines), MSG laden flavored corn chips, artificial grains (breakfast cereals, one of the most unhealthy foods on the planet – sugared or not), commercially salted foods, over processed grains (pasta’s, pizza dough, cookies, cakes, etc.). Unfortunately, most of these foods make up most of the American diet. 

So what are we trying to say? Listen to your body, it knows what it wants. The trick is to determine the difference between a craving and an addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted this to be a introduction to the concepts of GAPS  and to introduce to you, someone you have probably never met, your own Forbidden Doctor inside you. So I want to get back to some ideas about GAPS and finish this.

  • What to do with persistent diarrhea?

This is a question we often get. The body is trying to cleanse itself of something. It will draw fat and water to some place in the bowel to cleanse itself and it comes out as diarrhea. Look for the food substance in your current diet that is triggering it.

Don’t use veggies when having diarrhea. Drink a cup of hot meat broth every hour if you are having extreme diarrhea. Eat gelatinous meats with it. The meat around the joints. If you are short on time, use Cholacol II, from Standard Process, a bentonite clay that adsorbes toxins which will provide cleansing as well as cures the reason for diarrhea. It is a powerful gut cleanser. Then move to Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers, also from Standard Process to keep your gut healthy thereafter.

  • How about Yogurt?

Some food choices we get asked about concern yogurt. The best yogurt of course, is homemade.

The store bought yogurt was made by manufacturers to benefit the yogurt industry. Not you. Most store bought yogurt is just soft ice cream. Look at the labels. Homemade yogurt will not look like commercial  products. Ferment the yogurt from raw milk if possible, however you can ferment pasteurized milk because the bacteria works on the lactose present and will actually help the protein that was altered by the heat of pasteurization to be more digestible.

Some patients do very well on a non-plant diet. These would be people who suffer from OCD, Bi Polar, schizophrenia.

It is perfectly safe for kids to be on a non-plant diet. Ask them if they want bacon or broccoli. See what happens.

  • What if the child craves salads?

Of course you will let them have all the salads they want. Something is being cleansed. Don’t stand in the way of that. Some children can hear what their bodies want more than an adult. Just do not use canola, soybean, or vegetable oil based dressings. An exception to that would be 100% extra virgin olive oil. But you have to be careful, many olive oils coming out of Italy now have been cut with vegetable oils. A true 100% extra virgin olive oil will congeal in the fridge overnight. If it is still liquid the following morning, don’t use it!

  • How about Autistic kids?

Autistic kids should actually start on a non-plant diet.
Don’t impose your culturally biased will on their body. We can’t over emphasize this. This goes for you as well. Don’t feed your body something you read in a glossy magazine showing some photoshopped model praising the virtues of some newly discovered way to eat only rutabagas.

  • How do I know what’s good for me?

Listen to your cravings, your tastes, your pleasures with food. Eating should be a pleasurable experience. Nature gave you this gift to know what to eat.

When you impose your will on your body you are coming from your mind that was influenced by some authority figure, or some gorgeous model that threw up for the five days previous to the photoshoot in order to look anorexic enough to convince you that you should also look that way, or some hack scientist that says we should eat what their laboratory says they found in beetle dung.

Again imposing our will comes from the mind, a programed, mechanistic, manipulated product of our advertising controlled society. It is like this…we are creators; we do not have time to eat and graze all day long. We need time to create. So if you are thirsty, drink water. If you are hungry, eat what you crave.

  • What If I don’t have time to cook these meals?

A great creator, Dr. Royal Lee, realized that we do not always have time to make some of these delicious meals we love to eat. So he created whole food, dense nutritional supplements that have tissue extracts as well as certain vegetable and grain extracts, to keep us healthy when devoting more and more time to staying creative and improving the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. So we can all have time to create. One of his best creations for the whole world was his first product, his extraordinary multi-vitamin, mineral and enzyme mixture called Catalyn, from Standard Process. Every time science discovers a new nutritional compound, Standard Process takes a look at Catalyn, and they find it there. And why is that? Because Catalyn comes from the earth, not from synthetic counterfeit substances from China that line the shelves of our health food stores. And another added benefit, Catalyn has organ tissue extracts in it. Are you eating organ meat? Probably not. Then you definitely need Catalyn. If you were only to take 3 Catalyn a day, one per meal, you would be doing wonderful things for your body.

For more information about any of the supplements we mentioned, please contact our clinic at:(801) 523-1890 

For a fast start with GAPS you can grab our Meal Plan, that allows you to cook delicious, nutritious meals in minutes.

One more question we get:

  • What kind of fat to have with GAPS?

Animal only, or at least 95%. Maybe some extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Avoid all vegetable fats like the plague. Processed vegetable fats are the most destructive thing you can eat. It is even worse than sugar. Margarine is made from vegetable oil by hydrogenating it.

Animal fats are the same as the fats in our body. The most perfect human food is breast milk. It has an ancient history of healing wounded soldiers, very sick people, whether old or young. Breast milk does not need digestion. It goes straight into the system. And it is loaded with fats. Animal fat to be exact because we are in that same family.

This is why breast milk is so important to our newborns. Their digestive systems have not finished developing. So breast milk does not impede that growth, but helps it with immediately absorbed nutrition.

Infant formula requires a lot of digestion, it has processed commercial fats, and tons of sugar. Babies on formula have a difficult road ahead of them, I know. If you cannot breast feed, at least get some raw dairy for your baby. From clean grass pastured animals.

  • What percentage of our diet should be fat?

Science is wrong again with this one. And forget about calories. Calories are a measure of heat. Calories have nothing to do with human nutrition. Our diets should have at least 60-70% fat and that fat should be 95% animal sourced.

Fat is what gives the malleable structure to cells. The cell wall is made of fat and phosphorus. Is it made of vegetable fat? Yes, if you are a vegetable! You are a human, a member of the mammal class. Your fat is just like the other animals that are mammals. Some saturated, some monounsaturated, and a little polyunsaturated. Pork fat is mostly monounsaturated fat. Coconut fat is the most saturated fat on the planet.

Before you get scared of coconuts, your brain is 65% dry weight fat. Yes fat. More than half fat. This is why many autistic children show a smaller brain on MRI imaging. They need fat desperately. Maybe this is why we have such a problem with Alzheimer’s. Their brains shrink away to a shriveled mass, from having cut animal fats out of their diets.

Could our no fat nonsense have created all this mess with our health care system? We believe it may very well lie at the heart of it.

There are only two cells in the body that require sugar for food. Red blood cells and part of the brain. Every other part requires fat for its energy, especially the heart.

  • So how much fat should you eat? How long should you be on GAPS?

What does your body want? Listen to it.

If you have eaten enough fat your body will not want it. It will smell bad to you. Anything that smells bad is to be avoided, even if it is your favorite food most of the time. Your body does not want it now. You may suddenly crave a salad. Eat it. Then you may want an apple so bad you would steal it. Eat it.  Then you might suddenly crave fat again.

Do you get the picture here? Do you see what/who the Forbidden Doctor is? It Is You.

That Forbidden Doctor is that healing building force inside you that you have been prevented from learning about all your life. No one person is the FD. It is that miraculous power inside you. Listen to it. It knows all the answers. It knows what it wants.

Your life and your food selections should bring you pleasure. Once you learn to cook real natural foods you will never go back to eating junk again. Then you can have an occasional ice cream or pizza slice without hurting you.

The Forbidden Doctor sings loudly to you when you find the pleasure in eating what your body wants.

Then you rebuild.

The you heal.

Then you live.

~ Dr. Jack and Mary….on behalf of the Forbidden Doctor in all of us.

9 thoughts on “Saving Your Life

  1. Laurie Vellek says:

    I recently filled out your online 200 question survey.The one you were offing on your podcast. I was wondering when I would your recommendation for me?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Dear Laurie,
      The clinic is very busy answering all the surveys – we are so sorry it’s taking us so long! If you have not yet received your customized protocol, please contact us at:
      Thank you so much for being a part of the Forbidden Doctor family!

  2. Kareen Springer says:

    I so appreciate this survey, though I haven’t been able to totally follow through with
    the recommendation’s yet. My question is do I need to stop the supplements I’m now
    taking, some of them recommended by my medical Doctor, while following the suggested
    protocol? And what about the prescribed medication’s I’m taking such as Levothyroxine?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      It would be good to know what those supplements you are taking recommended by your doctor. Usually they are synthetic and work like drugs rather than rebuilding the body. You can take what we recommend with your meds as what we have is simply food concentrates that happen to have vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in them, but are first and foremost food.

      The thyroid medication you are taking is a synthetic form of thyroxin and is close enough to the real McCoy that your body uses it in place of its own hormone. You will begin to notice a jumpiness and excess energy when taking our supplements along with the medication you are on. When this happens it is usually a sign that your thyroid is getting back to proper working order and you need to sit down with your physician and have them consider changing the dose.

      Dr Jack and Mary

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Carol,

      We only give accounts to our patients. But to become a patient for free is really simple! Just fill out our Symptom Survey and you will get a personalized supplement protocol, manually created by our nutritionists, and personally reviewed by Mary and I. Then you will also get your user name and password for website access.

      Dr. Jack

  3. Carrie Mereness says:

    There is no way to tell you what this gift means to me. Thank you so much! I have been searching for truth and health for so long. I am just learning to use the internet, and we live in a place where the only internet service is poor. But the blogs are coming through most of the time and I was finally able to listen to the #4 podcast. I WILL keep working on this no matter how long it takes. Have already found answers to many frustrating questions. Thank you so much!!

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