You Have High Blood Pressure – Now What?

You Have High Blood Pressure

Your Blood Pressure is High!

As you may already know, the standard in the current medical literature for what is considered the margin for high blood pressure is now 150/95. There are those in the pharmaceutical industry that want to lower the previous of 120/80 to 100/60. We cynically believe this is all done to increase the size of the high blood pressure drug market. If medical practitioners would read their own research the market for hypertension drugs would drop considerably and for the sake of big Pharma that just can’t be allowed to happen. (Okay…whew, we got that out of our system)

Realize, your doctor (not big Pharma) has your best interest at heart and is always on the lookout to save your life by doing what he/she thinks is best. But they are not healers. They are Blood Pressure Managers. We at the Forbidden Doctor are much more concerned about the foundational problem of: “Why do you have high blood pressure?” Our philosophy is to build a better fence at the top of the mountain rather than add another ambulance in the valley.

Your doctor is trying to avert a catastrophe such as a stroke, an aneurysm, kidney or eye damage, etc. We understand that, and that is very serious. But the underlying cause is never addressed. Why would you have an aneurysm with high blood pressure? Well the answer is clear; too much pressure pumping against a weakness in an artery somewhere…more often than not, the brain. And then there is the question, why is your heart pumping harder when it could burst those very walls and kill you?

The foundational issue here is the slow degeneration and weakening of the collagen in your body. Do you realize you are a big collagen factory? Not sexy, we know, but collagen is what holds you together. It is the reason you don’t float away and dissolve in the bathtub like a cracker floating in a hot bowl of chicken soup. It is the reason you can hold blood in your arteries so you can send healing nutrients to wounds in your body and take out toxic waste. And when your collagen gets weak, the heart has a much harder job getting that blood around.

Another problem with the weakening of your collagenous fibers: everything starts to droop. Your heart enlarges and sags and your arteries and veins become lax, thin, weak, can tear, you start to bruise more often, etc. You also start noticing you don’t have that baby soft and wrinkle free skin, and that sagging jowel-free-face you enjoyed in your youth. THIS is the problem that needs to be addressed to avert disaster.

Also, if you are overweight your heart has a much bigger job. For every extra pound of weight approximately an additional 10 miles of blood vessels are required. With 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the average human being, every extra pound of fat is just that much more work for the heart. What is the heart to do, but pump harder?! So to abnormally stop the heart from pumping harder the doctors throw in drugs. This doesn’t fix the problem and in fact, can turn you into a cardiac invalid…tired, exhausted, worn out with no get-up and go, and a decreasing libido. But the drugs can save your life in the short term if you do not fix the foundational problem of weakened walls in your blood vessels.

From Bad to Worse: Arteriosclerosis

Then there is the other problem of arteriosclerosis, which is hardening of the artery walls, that causes back pressure because they won’t expand to allow proper blood flow. This also needs to be addressed on a foundational level. Most blood pressure problems are because of stiff inflexible arteries. Interestingly enough there is a similar cause between weakened and stiffened blood vessel walls: Lack of rutin in your diet. Rutin as a primary food for blood vessels provides the underlying support to allow the normal expansion and contraction, or in other words, vasodilation and vasoconstriction, wherever and whenever it’s needed, depending on physiological changes.

So whether you choose to take the drugs your doctor is recommending or not, you still need to heal the foundational reason for your high blood pressure.

So there are some deep questions…such as, are you eating and digesting enough protein and good saturated animal fat, butter, eggs, etc., to rebuild your heart and circulatory system? You might consider following the GAPS program. We have a number of podcasts on that very subject, we recommend starting with podcast #4 then move to #42 & #43.

The point here is certainly NOT to replace any medicines or any advice from your cardiologist. We suggest particular foods and whole food concentrates only as different food sources known to help support the structure and function of the heart and circulatory system, which will help address the foundational problem of high blood pressure.

Remember, these are food concentrates and are not the chemical synthetics that make up 99% of the supplement market. When you are taking these supplements you are eating food.

How Nutrition Affects Healthy Blood Pressure

Here is a list of the foods from which our protocols are derived, and what you can do if you want to try getting the whole foods themselves for these benefits:

Buckwheat Rutin is shown to strengthen the walls of arteries. Cooking the buckwheat has an unknown effect on this phenomenon, so we recommend raw buckwheat leaves if you can find them.

You also want to have a healthy blood calcium-phosphorus ratio; something our modern diet doesn’t keep very well balanced. We recommend organ meats to get ortho-phosphoric acid, inosital and riboflavin for this purpose. The trick is to eat enough organ meat – we recommend at least one serving of liver or spleen from an organic butcher every day. Don’t overcook these meats. We get it that they’re tough to stomach raw (but unbelievable super food if eaten raw!) but roasting or frying the tissues will diminish the complex chemical structures doing the heavy lifting nutritionally.

Soybean lecithin in pure form has shown to have dramatic effects on “plaque-ing potential” in blood lipids helping to ease potential pressure, but also removing some root causes of arteriosclerosis.

If you can also find Evening Primrose, this is a plaque dissolver which works well in conjunction with the Lecithin.

Finally 2 cups of raw beet roots and raw beet leaves per day, have shown to increase the amounts of L-arginine in the bloodstream, which stimulates the release of nitric oxide from arterial walls, aiding in vasodilation when it should naturally occur.

We know this is a lot. Particularly the organ meats which we just don’t have anymore in the western diet. The benefits of these whole foods are well-documented. Our patients can log in and get access to our protocol for high blood pressure and our protocol for arteriosclerosis both using concentrated versions of these whole food products to maximize the benefits of the foods. It can still be a lot to take and remember, but unlike pharmaceuticals, the aim here is to get you better so you don’t have to take all of these supplements forever.

Whether you go the whole food route, or opt for pure concentrated versions of the necessary foods we’ve outlined here, all of these compounds have been shown in clinical practice to help lower blood pressure in our patients.

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