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We would call your attention to Podcast #126 Lyme Disease – The Untold Story. So what really happens with Lyme Disease? We have lived on this planet for thousands of years with ticks … hunters, campers, hikers, etc. have been in the woods for those thousands of years with the ticks. Why all of a sudden since 1995 has there been a tremendous growth of Lyme disease victims?

“Lyme Disease” is almost an epidemic now. There are thousands of blogs, podcasts, and articles on it in people’s desperate attempts to feel better. Like Autism, in 1995, where the numbers for autistic diagnoses were 1 in 10,000, Lyme disease, was almost unheard of in 1995 as well… Lyme disease was diagnosed as a separate condition for the first time in 1975 in Old Lyme, Connecticut. It was originally mistaken for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The bacterium involved was first described in 1981 by Willy Burgdorfer. So they named it after him and it is called Borrelia burgdorferi. B. burgdorferi (Lyme disease spirochete)

You can chart the incidence and prevalence of Lyme Disease with the introduction of glyphosate into the food supply. Please watch the super short video of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride at the beginning of our Forbidden Podcast #126, and you will understand more about Lyme disease than many medical doctors. 

This is a situation where the presence of a bacterium is considered the cause of the disease, rather than being associated with it. This is like blaming the rats in the alley for the presence of a collection of garbage spilled all around. As though seeing rats in proximity to the garbage and trash as being the causative agent for the mess. We see a bacterium or some other microbe in the blood or tissue and figure that to be the cause of the disease present in the patient. This is not to say that the waste products of the microbes cannot be, in and of themselves, toxic to the body….of course, they are.

But what came first? The garbage or the rat? Get rid of the garbage and the rats go away…get rid of the glyphosate and the bacterium goes away…

The majority of people who get Lyme Disease in America have never been in the forest!!! I Never touched a deer. Never slept outside in a tent.

Why should it ever seem so strange to anyone that nature would call into our bodies foreign life forms to clean us out? Does that sound strange? Because, well, it’s forbidden that you ever learn this! You are taught that almost everything is caused by a bug or a germ. Not true!

When garbage piles up, rats and flies show up. When food is left out, ants show up. When the immune system is sluggish, viruses and bacteria show up in greater numbers. Then the body becomes a receptacle of some toxin or poison … that when it does not have the ability in and of itself to remove or destroy it, it calls in other members of the animal and plant kingdom to destroy, eat, neutralize, or disintegrate the chemical intruder and will continue to do so until the offending chemical has been removed.

The bad news is that when the real cause of the problem goes unaddressed, the byproducts of the invaders, their own waste products, which are very toxic to our body’s chemistry, build up and cause more problems than just the original chemical poisoning.

This is why people are so very sick with “Lyme Disease” and cannot figure out a way to get better without extreme measures. There is so much suffering from the symptoms – blaming it all on a Lyme bacteria instead of all the other pathogens, or the mere presence of the microbes, in particular –– B. burgdorferi, and are treated with doxycycline or some other antibiotic that just further destroys the gut and completely misses the reason for the symptoms in the first place. So the disease explodes into greater infirmity. It is like blaming the burning building on the fire, rather than the arsonist.

Antibiotics – The Standard of Care for Lyme Disease…this is all the medical system offers you. They do not look at the cause of the disease or WHY all those bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are you in your body. Why are there flies and rats in your body?

When we are poisoned with something, like glyphosate, why should it seem odd that nature would call into us different things than flies and rats….it does actually, it is just microscopic flies and rats. Some of these are the actual Lyme parasites – Babesia and Borrelia, Candida, Epstein Barr, Herpes virus, Flukes, and Worms, etc.

They work as a team but have their own excretions and their own lifestyles and they pollute the body with other things and cause symptoms. They cause the picture of Lyme disease.

So Lyme disease is a result of what we’ve done to our planet and food supply. The only way to get rid of the epidemic is to start cleaning the planet. Glyphosate is more toxic than DDT ever was. DDT WAS BANNED a few decades ago, but glyphosate is growing! The manufacturer says it is so safe, and that as soon as it touches the soil it gets destroyed. Not so. We have a number of scientific studies now that show it causes: Autism––Schizophrenia––Lyme disease.

So whether it is an alleyway filling up from a garbage strike, or a dumpster that gets missed, or a slovenly kept car or house, or yard … nature’s scavengers show up to do something about it.

It isn’t just Lyme disease where we see this happening, many diseases began as a result of malnutrition and as the body’s defenses were weakened by the lack of nutrient-dense foods, opportunistic microbes reach an overgrowth pattern and take over parts of the body and their waste products further weaken and destroy our health and ability to fight off the disease.

This is why so many diseases are reversed and healed by our own bodies simply from better food choices. Clean up the house, the bugs go away.

Whether you show the Babesia, Borrelia, or B. burgdorferi parasite in your blood test from an actual tick bite or because it is helping your immune system fight the glyphosate stored in your body –– the healing process is the same: Build your immune system with the therapeutic supplements below and say NO to glyphosate!

An organic diet for just 1 week reduces pesticide toxicity by 90%. And following the food-based organic supplements listed below help to support the body in healing and coping with what is described as Lyme disease:

Lyme Disease Protocol

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Immuplex (12)
Astragalus Complex (4)
LongLife Energy Enzymes (9)
Chlorophyll Complex (8)
ProSynbiotic Probiotic (6)
Calcium Lactate Powder (1/2 Tbsp) Mix in water. Or 6 tablets. Empty stomach!
Cataplex F (8)
Cataplex C (18)
Thymex (21)
Spleen PMG (6)
Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers (8)
Echinacea Premium (4 tabs or 10 mL)

Congaplex (6) ~ Optional ~
Ageless Thyroid (3) ~ Optional ~
Sarsaparilla Tea (1/2 Tbsp.) Local Health Store
Myrrh Forte (3) ~ Optional ~
General Health Pack (2) ~ Optional ~

Questions about this protocol? Why not ask Dr. Jack and Mary directly? They will respond to patient texts at 801-556-1477 and emails to There are no “dumb questions” and you can expect absolute discretion and privacy.
  • The protocol above is designed to address your issues at the foundational level, and not to treat disease. This means, in our opinion, most of our health problems, short of accident or trauma, are of a dietary nutritional deficiency. The listed protocol or supplement provides your body with essential micro and macronut­­­­rients to help and assist normal nutritional balance.
  • Daily dosages are in ( ) parenthesis for most protocols; for example (6) means take 6 per day, but spread it out by taking half in the morning and a half in the evening. Some protocols will have more specific instructions to follow.
  • MediHerb products, shown in italics, often speed healing response and should be considered for most protocols unless contraindicated.
  • We recommend adding the General Health Daily Fundamentals pack to each protocol. This adds to the critical foundational nutrition each protocol needs. It contains Catalyn––an entirely whole-food and glandular broad-spectrum multivitamin, Trace Minerals-B12, and Tuna Omega-3 pearls for your DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids daily requirements.
  • Spacing out the daily doses throughout the day improves absorption and is strongly recommended.
  • Most supplements should be taken with food except for PMG’s, most calcium products, Gastrex, Chlorophyll Complex™, Okra Pepsin E3, Cholocol II, and Zymex II. Also, most herbs work more efficiently if taken away from food.
  • Be advised that these nutritional and herbal products are not intended as primary therapy for any disease, but rather to provide nutritional and herbal support to help normalize body physiology and repair.


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This website is not intended to provide medical advice and nothing in it should be construed as a therapeutic recommendation or prescription for treating any disease or symptom; they are provided for nutritional support only. No person should attempt self-diagnosis of a disease or self-treatment of any kind but use these protocols for nutritional support only, and they should not discontinue any medication or therapy or make any health-related decisions without the advice of a licensed medical physician.

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Each person interested in a diagnosis should obtain a medical exam from a licensed medical doctor. In the said exam, the medical doctor can tell you if you are healthy enough to eat whole food and rebuild your body. Seriously. Rebuilding, excretion, and detoxifying can be rough.


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