126: Lyme Disease – The Untold Story

Lyme Disease - The Untold Story

This week Dr. Jack and Mary investigate the prevalence of acute Lyme disease that really began in the mid 1990’s.

Make no mistake: Lyme disease has been known for a long time, but when Mr. Bergderfor discovered the tick-borne nature of the disease in the 1970’s, it was still considered a rare and terrible malady. It has been mystery exactly why diagnoses of this affliction began to skyrocket around 1995. The statistics are shocking as more and more people succumb every year to supposedly “tick-borne” illness.

Were the ticks carrying more or more potent strains of the bacteria that cause Lyme disease? Was global warming causing a huge uptick in ticks?

No. We were stunned by the troubling answer and we think you will be too.

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Dr. McBride’s Parasite Cleanse

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2 thoughts on “126: Lyme Disease – The Untold Story

  1. Dean Chappell says:

    Very informative, I had heard of many more people being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and recovery seemed to take over a year or two.
    The truth these days is hard to come by through the regular MD’s.
    Thank-you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Office of Jack Stockwell says:

      Isn’t it tragic that, in the medical world, we can’t put all of our resources together for the greater good?

      Thank you for listening, Dean! We appreciate you!

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