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Due to supply shortage of a whole-food ingredient, we’ve just learned Ageless Thyroid will be unavailable for the next 60 days. The next shipment is expected early July. We are heartbroken, but we can’t control the weather and crops. We use REAL FOOD not synthetic chemical vitamins as others do, so this is the risk we take to get your the most nutritious nutrients from Mother Nature in our supplements. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Orders placed in the meantime will go out the door, first come, first serve, once we have stock.
Claire Weimhemer Pic“The biggest difference I’ve seen in my health since taking the Ageless Thyroid product is my hair! Its growing, it’s healthy and it’s no longer coming out in clumps! But it’s not just my hair that’s changed! Long gone are the days of heart palpitations, hand tremors, or cystic acne. Oh my goodness! I had the worst cystic acne. And it came back full force the second I ran out of Ageless Thyroid. The best thing? I haven’t been on my thyroid medications for over 8 months! That’s the thing I love about this product, instead of forcing the thyroid to speed up or slow down, it just provides the thyroid with the fundamental tools to work properly. This product has been life-changing. I couldn’t live without it!”
– Claire W. (actual patient)

Suggested Use: 3/day


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