127: What DOESN’T Cause Heart Attacks

Heart Attack Myths

This week Dr. Jack and Mary take a look at heart health and heart attack lore.

Widely publicized research is bringing into question the entire protocol for treating heart attack patients. From the ongoing myth of no-fat, vegetarian or vegan dietary recommendations, to completely ignoring collateral arteries and their role in survival of heart attacks, the medical establishment has lost the nuance at the “heart” of the science of heart attacks.

And what are we to make of doctor’s recommendations for heart health when they appear to be so ignorant of the role of nutrition at the foundation of everything? With hundreds of millions of dollars a day spent on bypass surgeries, and little to no evidence that these procedures are lengthening lives or even doing material good for the vast majority of heart attack victims, what exactly are we doing here, besides spending a lot of money? Tune in to learn about what DOESN’T cause heart attacks, despite what you’ve been told.

5 thoughts on “127: What DOESN’T Cause Heart Attacks

  1. Rufus Barker says:

    Sending this to friend who is having heart issues. Hope this will help convince them of what I have been telling them about the statins.

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