184: Forbidden Update on Heartburn, Lectins & Proton Pump Inhibitors

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Ever wonder why we’re all gaining weight faster than ever? No matter what new health breakthrough we hear about, no matter what new fad diet or exercise regime people dream up, the US is on a terrifying trend of obesity, and something has to be done. And wouldn’t you know that our diets and our doctors may be unwittingly conspiring to keep us gaining and gaining.

This week Dr. Josh walks us through the latest understanding of lectins and proton pump inhibitors; both things we’d want to avoid as much as possible, while being nearly impossible to avoid. Lectins appear in many vegetables and legumes, and PPIs like Nexium are given out by doctors like aspirin. Tune in to find out how these substances can be acting as a 1-2 punch on our waistlines and what to do about it.


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2 thoughts on “184: Forbidden Update on Heartburn, Lectins & Proton Pump Inhibitors


    Hello! I am a Greek Gaps practitioner and I enjoyed your podcast. Very helpful and I could not agree more. For me it is a lonely road..I am disappointed from the misinformation people get bombarded every day! Now , about probiotics: I recently attended a fermentation seminar, and there was one microbiologist stating that the only way probiotics can arrive in the intestine alive is to ingest them in a spore form. All other ways , or fermented foods, are a benefit only as a dead material for already existing bacteria in your gut. The stomach will destroy them instantly. What is your opinion on that?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Tris – so sorry for the delay! Well, here’s the thing. Probiotics are just a temporary solution to getting the gut healthy; they only work while you are taking them. You have to fix the TERRAIN of the gut so the flora you received from your mother, or after you were born can flourish and thrive.

      Now. The only problem with that is if you did not get a healthy dose of microflora from your mother because you were either not nursed or you were C-section and were not nursed, or your mother was not healthy. So the goal here is to get the gut healthy again, clean out the mucus, heal and seal the gut wall with GAPS, and restore proper pH throughout the gut so your INNATE flora can flourish. We do this with the help of GAPS and two products: Zymex wafers and Lactic Acid wafers from Standard Process. Our Forbidden Doctor LongLife Energy Enzymes also are very helpful.

      So it doesn’t matter much whether I agree with the microbiologist or not – you are basically stuck with what you received at birth. But I do disagree with him, in that there are certain brands (Dr. McBride’s BioKult being on of them) that have coated capsules that are supposed to get to the gut and through the stomach acid without being destroyed. Taking them on an empty stomach, so as to not cause pepsin or HCL to be released would be best. Because, if you do not have an innate healthy flora you will need to take a probiotic daily for the rest of your life. You need to have something in the lumen of your intestines to help fight the fight. It’s not ideal, but necessary.

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