184: Dr. Josh on Lectins & Proton Pump Inhibitors

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Ever wonder why we’re all gaining weight faster than ever? No matter what new health breakthrough we hear about, no matter what new fad diet or exercise regime people dream up, the US is on a terrifying trend of obesity, and something has to be done. And wouldn’t you know that our diets and our doctors may be unwittingly conspiring to keep us gaining and gaining.

This week Dr. Josh walks us through the latest understanding of lectins and proton pump inhibitors; both things we’d want to avoid as much as possible, while being nearly impossible to avoid. Lectins appear in many vegetables and legumes, and PPIs like Nexium are given out by doctors like aspirin. Tune in to find out how these substances can be acting as a 1-2 punch on our waistlines and what to do about it.


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