183: The Hostile Legal Environment For Breast Cancer


What hope do we have when our legal system helps to keep alternatives to the “drugs for anything, drugs for everything” policy of US health care from ever seeing the right of day?

This week, Dr. Jack shares his morning call-in show, with a troubling tale of legal jeopardy for a true innovator in alternative therapies for breast cancer and other types. The linkage Dr. Gonzales identified between glucose and cancerous tissue continues to be largely ignored by the medical establishment, to the detriment of us all.

Tune in to learn more about this linkage and the legally hostile environment any researcher could fall into if they make the wrong enemies in the American Medical Association.


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One thought on “183: The Hostile Legal Environment For Breast Cancer

  1. Jana Rhinehart says:

    Thanks so much for replaying the program that was on Ktalk . I listened to it,
    and listened to this podcast also. We just can’t get enough of your podcasts
    and radio programs.
    Ron and Jana Rhinehart

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