185: Health Freedom – What To Do When CPS Shows Up At Your Door


Imagine losing your children to a government agency for doing everything they ask you to do. This is the reality for more and more parents who are falling victim to an insidious scheme within an agency we all expect and demand be for the good of children. We’re talking about Child Protective Services.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary speak with Miste Karlfeldt, Director of Health Freedom Idaho about the absolute horror faced by numerous families in the state of Idaho and beyond by a twisting of the original charter of CPS. It’s up to us to demand our rights, and that is the work Health Freedom Idaho does every day. Tune in to learn specific tactics to push back on draconian government overreach, and what to watch for if you suspect a government official is abusing their power to watch over you and your family.

Supplemental Links:

Health Freedom Idaho

The Karlfeldt Center


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