22: Urinary Incontinence, Chicken Neck, and How To Fix Them Both

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Why You Should Listen:

All it takes for some women is just a little cough, a hearty sneeze, a fit of laughter… What are we talking about today?  That’s right—bladder incontinence!  And if that topic isn’t embarrassing enough on its own, we’ll also discuss the dreaded condition known as “chicken neck.”  You know the one!  Don’t believe the medical community when you’re told you’ll have to live with it. Listen up as we share the forbidden information that can turn your entire world around!

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:01:15] Some staggering statistics about bladder incontinence
  • [00:01:55] A miraculous cure, for incontinence and “chicken neck!”
  • [00:03:50] Celebrity smack talk—who has a chicken neck?
  • [00:06:45] Five types of bladder incontinence
  • [00:08:20] “Solutions” from an MD: examples of how force works but doesn’t heal
  • [00:15:30] Dr. Jack compares the bladder to a tractor-trailer (You’ve got to hear this!)
  • [00:23:50] Mary’s forbidden bladder incontinence protocol
  • [00:28:40] Chicken neck protocol—it’s not just for a chicken neck!
  • [00:34:50] Why bladder incontinence isn’t just a “quality of life” issue

Handouts And Protocols:

For more information about any of the supplements or protocols mentioned in today’s episode please call us at: (801) 523-1890

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