Brain Concussion

Can Supplements Help With Symptoms of Brain Concussion?

Traumatic Brain Injury is:

  • Injury to the head from a blunt or penetrating object
  • Injury from rapid movement of the head that causes back and forth movement inside the skull

Traumatic Brain Injury is NOT:

  • The effect of prolonged drug/alcohol abuse
  • A new-onset mental disorder
  • Just emotional stress
  • An acquired mental retardation

“Silent Epidemic”

Most individuals don’t know about brain injury, lt alone it’s consequences or impact on behavior. Minor blows to the head or “concussions” are often NOT perceived as ‘brain injuries”, yet 15% of these individuals will have chronic problems post-injury. Most people assume one needs to lose consciousness to have a brain injury

An estimated 5.3 million Americans – more than 2% of the population – currently live with identified disabilities caused by TBI.

  • 2 million people sustain a brain injury every year.
  • Every 15 seconds someone sustains a TBI
  • Leading cause of death until age 44
  • 4th leading cause of death overall
  • Each day 5,500 individuals sustain a TBI

Has this happened to you?

  • Blow to the head with any object
  • Strenuous shaking of the body
  • Falling and hitting your head
  • Strangled
  • Near Drowning
  • Punched in the face
  • Pushed against the wall or another solid object
  • Rear-ended car crash

Supplements can play a role in alleviating or eliminating the symptoms of Brain Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury. Supplements aid the body in its own ability to address Brain Concussion. By unleashing the Forbidden Doctor within, our protocols give support to a body healing itself.

Brain Concussion Protocol / Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell, CGP, have a specific supplement protocol for Brain Concussion however we do not recommend nutritional support for non-patients using generic protocols. To access our Patient-Only content on The Forbidden Doctor website, you must start by filling out our free Symptom Survey. Dr. Stockwell and his staff will review and provide customized supplement protocols for each new patient entering our practice. These personalized protocols will save you money immediately by guiding you to only the supplements you need. Once you are a patient who has been evaluated, you will be granted access to the Patient Portal and all of our Symptom Library protocols, including this one. There will also be a treasure trove of forbidden information that’s been kept from you for at least 90 years.
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