26: Thyroid Part 1 – Gaining Weight, Depressed, No Energy? It’s Probably Your Thyroid

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Why You Should Listen (part 1):

You’re tired. You’re depressed. You’re gaining weight. The doctor runs the numbers and one of two things happens: you are declared healthy with a TSH that is “in range” and your symptoms are dismissed with a casual “It’s all in your head,” or you are put on synthetic thyroid medication to get your numbers back to where they should be. But do the numbers tell the whole story? Listen as we share the forbidden information about the thyroid that will get you on your way to HEALING the thyroid from the inside out.

What You Will Hear (part 1):

  • [00:03:45] Mary’s story: cold, tired, and depressed
  • [00:12:15] Jack’s story: a bad start, but SUCCESS with the GAPS diet!
  • [00:14:30] The importance of the thyroid
  • [00:17:25] How to raise your baby’s IQ 10-15 points in utero
  • [00:17:35] Thyroid hormone—making genes do what they do… better, faster, more efficiently
  • [00:19:00] How thyroid hormone affects cognition, digestion, and metabolism
  • [00:22:55] T3, T4… What’s in a number?
  • [00:24:35] Thyroid hormone: the 911 operator who calls the ambulance to the scene of the accident
  • [00:26:20] Carb metabolism—not just about insulin!
  • [00:27:15] You can’t be allergic to iodine, but here are some things you should know before you take it
  • [00:27:45] Effects of thyroid hormone on the CNS and fertility
  • [00:28:15] Hypo and hyper at the same time? You bet! Why the numbers don’t tell the whole story.
  • [00:29:30] 2 main reasons a thyroid turns bad: not enough iodine… and not enough iodine
  • [00:30:15] Bromine—in your hot tub, your bread, or even your sports drink—how you may be consuming more of this evil anti-iodine than you think!
  • [00:33:30] An iodine a day keeps the goiter away!
  • [00:35:15] Thyroid symptoms, their causes, and a problem of conversion
  • [00:36:50] The link between adrenals and thyroid function: you can’t heal one without the other!
  • [00:38:30] Our philosophy: use it or lose it—a case against thyroid medication

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