27: Thyroid Part 2 – Gaining Weight, Depressed, No Energy? It’s Probably Your Thyroid

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Why You Should Listen (part 2):

If you listened to Part 1 of this series you know how important the thyroid is to the overall health and well-being of the body.  Tune in to Part 2 to learn the ins and outs of some things that can go wrong with the thyroid, including hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, their most common symptoms, and why a pill can never replace the intelligence of this fascinating organ.

What You Will Hear (part 2):

  • [00:02:15] TRH and the chain of command
  • [00:04:25] “Dude, where’s my thyroid?” (You won’t believe this story!)
  • [00:06:40] It all begins with iodine
  • [00:08:40] T3: A little bit goes a long way!
  • [00:09:15] The thyroid gland—“Reusing, Reducing, Recycling” before it was a thing
  • [00:13:30] What does the liver have to do with the thyroid anyway?
  • [00:16:15] Thyroid hormone: micromanager extraordinaire!
  • [00:18:40] Up, down, and all around: The effects of thyroid hormone
  • [00:21:50] Hyperthyroidism—too much of a good thing
  • [00:26:50] Hypothyroidism: a litany of symptoms from weight gain to sexual dysfunction

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2 thoughts on “27: Thyroid Part 2 – Gaining Weight, Depressed, No Energy? It’s Probably Your Thyroid

  1. Ren says:

    I listen to your podcasts while at work when I need to work at a different office, they make me look foreward to those days which otherwise would not be appealing. THANK YOU!!
    I have a question for you~
    I often hear Mary mention that things will be available as handouts. Where can I find them? I am looking around your website but cant seem to source these reference materials. Thank you again and thank you in advance for your time and reply.

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