Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Root Canal Mayhem, Protocol Success, and Are There CD’s of the Show?

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I have just listened to your 2 podcasts pertaining to root canals, and I am terrified! I have 4-5 root canals and one was done when I was very young (approx. 40 years ago). So needless to say I want to have the special x-ray done to see what problems I may have lurking. My question is – in your research did you find that injured teeth that needed root canals, did they have the same issue with bacteria as root canals done on teeth from cavities? – Lisa

Hi Lisa…So glad to know we interested someone in this problem. Every, I repeat, every root canal is toxic regardless of the reason why it was done, according to the research. We are not dentists but since the podcast Mary has also had her one root canal removed. Go see a biological dentist. And a toxic tooth, sometimes, can only be seen on a Cone View CT Scan.

Let us know What you decide to do.

Have you guys made CD’s of your podcast that I can buy? Several of my family either do not have computers or their speakers are bad and can’t listen. This information needs desperately to get out to everyone! – Jana

Thank you Jana! We’ve considered the CD route in the past. Because people are able to download and transport each podcast right from the player on the web, we leave it up to motivated folks to burn their own audio CDs from the shows. It’s trickier too, now that we are including slides and videos in the show. There isn’t enough demand for DVD versions for us to invest in that either. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Doctor Jack,
I ordered the supplements you suggested in your protocol in late November. I believe I started them about the beginning of December. I followed the regimen pretty thoroughly for about a month and a half. Then I got off track a bit. I have not been very strict on my diet or exercise much in he last month or so, falling back into some bad habits. But – I hope to get back on track ASAP!!! However, I did finally make a appointment with a nurse practitioner and saw her February 13th. My A1-C went from 7.5 in late October to 5.7!! My cholesterol was down from 252 to 229. My weight was down 20 pounds – plenty more to lose though! So…..looks like this protocol has been a success!!! Do you recommend staying on the current supplement protocol, should I stop the supplements and get rechecked in a few months, or is there a possibility that I can cut this stuff back? The current regimen was 37 pills a day and was a little hard to keep up with, not to mention it is a little expensive to maintain throughout the year. I have run out of a couple of the supplements recently and am hoping to hear back so I can order again if necessary.

Hi Robert,

How good to hear from you!

I would stay on the protocol but go ahead and experiment with it by reducing the dosage, or just doing the regular listed dosage every other day. That would cut it in half. Apparently, you respond quite well to the amount we recommended. To help your body stay in an accepted range for A1C…I would, at least, stay with the enzymes at 4/day.

And thanks for the missionary work….one of your friends listened to the podcast!!

Thanks for getting back to us.


Can you please tell me the difference between Mediherb Bacopa Complex and Bacopa Liquid? Do you recommend one over the other? They both help with memory? – Anonymous

Great question! It depends on each individual which of these supplements we might recommend. The liquid is always going to be a stronger concentrate of the same basic formula in the tablets. But liquid is harder to take and harder to store. Anyone travelling can get the same benefits from the Bacopa Complex (tablets). Both supplements support healthy brain function and mental clarity.

We’ve taken and recommended both products at different times with excellent results!

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