110: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled! (Pt 2)

Vaccines and New Links to Autism

This week we bring you part 2 of Dr. Jack and Mary’s brand new update based on numerous vaccination and autism studies; some as new as February 2017. There is real toxicity and neurological damage from vaccines and the aluminum adjuvent within them. Additionally, events of increased immune function in pregnant women appears to have a demonstrably negative effect on the baby’s neurology, including a strong correlation with autism.

Last week we covered the first 3 important take-aways from all of this stunning new research, and this week we bring you the 4th major take away – and it’s a doozy.

Where do these studies lead from here, considering most of them were not from US sources? The answer to that question will involve each and every one of us and how much we are willing to get involved to spread the truth.

Tune in to fine out why!

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6 thoughts on “110: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled! (Pt 2)

  1. Elisabeth Edward says:

    I enjoyed this podcast immensely!

    Could you provide the recent scientific studies? I would love to help my friends make educated choices with regards to vaccinations.

    Thank you

  2. Renee Rayl says:

    Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated. One of my children has schizophrenia. He thinks his vegan lifestyle is helping but I’m not so sure. Do you think chelation would help? If so, can you recommend a good system for that? Thanks

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Renee,

      Chelation could certainly help. If you can get your son to take our symptom survey, we could do a proper write up on his health and nutritional profile. https://www.forbiddendoctor.com/survey

      We respect many different reasons for trying to be vegan, but the reality is that our supplements use whole foods derived from animals, so he may not be interested.

      • Lalago Chand says:

        I really appreciate your dedication to expose the truth to the world. My brother is autistic and non verbal. Im trying to listen and learn from you so I can help my brother.
        Thank you so much.

        Lalago. C.

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