109: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled!

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Vaccinations. So much has been said, and so many studies overstating the claim of no linkage between autism and vaccinations, that anyone questioning the efficacy or safety of our modern vaccination protocol are considered vile troublemakers.

The real question at the heart of vaccine controversy is still ignored. After several brand new studies continue to bolster the linkage between vaccines and a host of neurological problems being triggered at all ages, we need to ask ourselves whether the risk of protection from a dreaded disease outweighs the risk of vaccination toxicity, a phenomenon emerging from much more detailed studies being conducted in recent years.

We recognize how polarizing this topic can be. Paraphrasing Mary from today’s podcast, “we wish we were wrong.”

4 thoughts on “109: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled!

  1. Warren Taggart says:

    I just listen to podcast 109. Boy, it hit home. My brother was in the air force reserves during the Gulf War stationed out of dover working as a flight engine rankings traveling to Saudi Arabia often. He told us one day a doctor,officer,sheriff and military Police came to his crew and told them to take shots. If they didn’t they would be court Marshall ed, kicked out of the service. Most of them had many years in and would loose their pension. They all took the shots. After that he started getting migraine headaches. A mother after that his wife got pregnant. 12 years after that their son passed away. The doctors at Childrens hospital in philly said it was a birth defect. My brother knew it was from the shots . There was a few others in the crew became sickly . By the way they were told not to tell anyone and it was not put on their shot record so it never happened.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Good gracious……such power the vaccine pushers have! I am sorry for this….criminal behavior from the government.

      Dr. Jack

  2. jim wilcox says:

    Dr. Jack and Mary! I love your Podcasts. I am almost 74 yrs old, and I have learned more in the last 2 yrs., from your podcasts, than I was taught in all 12 yrs. of school. I am a believer in natural cures. When I was a young man, (very young), like early teens, I was told,” now days Doctors can fix you, and cure anything you have. ” Well, I soon found that, that statement was as false as ocean front property in Arizona. I do not take any Meds,not even aspirin. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

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