Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Cheap Synthetic Vitamins, Heart Attack Aids, And Twitching Eyes

Synthetic Vitamins

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Why are LongLife Energy Enzymes so expensive? – Anonymous

We respectfully disagree with your premise, considering the rigorous process to create our supplements and the benefits we continue to hear about from our patients. Part of the problem is the inexpensive supplements you see in most grocery stores. Synthetic ingredients are truly very inexpensive. What many people don’t understand about supplements is that the vast majority of them are synthetic in that they are coal tar derivatives mixed with a little yeast, packaged in pills and capsules, and marketed as a “vitamin” or some other laboratory manufactured amino acid.

These “synthetics” do not represent food based nutrition anymore than a mined-out pit of iron ore represents a Lamborghini. Because the manufacturing process requires very inexpensive materials and a very short time to produce, a bottle of these “synthetics” can contain anywhere from 40-100 capsules that have a manufacturing cost of less than 50 cents per bottle and can be sold anywhere from $10-$50.

Whereas whole-food sourced vitamins and minerals require extensive farming modalities with years and years of precise crop rotation patterns, organic fertilization, farming man-power, cultivation, low temperature processing, and over-all human hand holding from seed to packaging.

The whole-food supplements we have made also contain organ extracts from closely monitored, very clean, USDA certified animals. These organ extracts contain the nucleic acids that have been shown in modern research (Google “Oral Tolerization”) to stimulate new tissue growth within the various organs.

The resulting difference in the effectiveness and quality of a product derived from the foods Mother Nature intended us to eat as opposed to those derived from coal mining and petroleum distillation, is hardly worth mentioning, let alone considering to be a part of human nutritional needs.

As a result, it should be easy to understand why something made with real nutrition vs. fake nutrition is more expensive. And consequently why the resulting effect of real nutrition upon human physiology can be appreciated when compared with supplements whose raw materials were purchased from China in 55 gallon drums, marketed as something resembling food, and marked up astronomically high above the actual cost of its ingredients. Much the same way as pharmaceuticals.

One of the achievements of western culture is the ability of human ingenuity to rise to any marketing opportunity as inexpensively as possible. As John D. Rockefeller reportedly said on one occasion, “There isn’t anything that someone manufactures that someone else will come along, for a lot less money at the sacrifice of quality, to produce a seemingly comparable product.”

We have met with quite a few marketers who told us our product will never sell at this cost and we need to produce a cheaper product; but tell that to the people that had their pancreas return to it’s normal healthy state, and the mother who’s child no longer needs long acting insulin shots to make it through the night.
We’ve sold this whole-food product over the counter in our clinic for almost 2 years with wonderful results. We felt it was time to take it to the world through our website and even Amazon, where we continue to get overwhelmingly positive feedback and ratings.

We appreciate that high-quality supplements cost more money. We respectfully ask you to give LongLife Energy Enzymes a try and see if you can discern the real difference for yourself.

I heard you on Doug Stefan’s show mention some chewables that could be taken for heart attack symptoms, but did not catch the name. Could you please tell me what those are? – J. Williams

The chewables that we talked about were Standard Process Cataplex F & Cataplex E2; these can be purchased through our office by calling 801-523-1890.

But let’s be clear: if you are having heart attack symptoms, get to the emergency room or call 911. Having Cataplex F and E2 available for the ambulance ride is what we had in mind here.

Within the last month and a half I’ve been having twitching eyes every day. What do you recommend and what can be causing this? – Anonymous

Twitching eyes are so irritating aren’t they?

We find this to be caused by a lack of B vitamins more often than not. I would recommend take you 6 Standard Process Cataplex B in the morning (helps with energy too) and 6 Standard Process Cataplex G in the evening before bed (very calming). Like with the others, these can be purchased through our office by calling 801-523-1890.

Take our Forbidden Symptom Survey on our website and then you will be able to access our huge database of nutritional protocols to support the body through over 700 diseases and maladies.

~Dr. Jack and Mary

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