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Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Cheap Synthetic Vitamins, Heart Attack Aids, And Twitching Eyes

Synthetic Vitamins

Ask Doctor Jack & Mary is a monthly feature where we round up the best questions we’ve been asked, and turn it into consumable information for our readers and listeners. Have a question for Dr. Jack & Mary? Ask Here Why are LongLife Energy Enzymes so expensive? – Anonymous We respectfully disagree with your premise, […]

92: How Vitamins Can Lead to Malnutrition

How Vitamins Can Lead To Malnutrition

There are so many misconceptions about synthetic vitamins. The FDA likes to claim there is no difference between the synthetic vitamins they spray on “enriched foods” and the vitamin complexes found in our natural food sources. This is complete bunk. For decades now we’ve seen synthetic, isolated vitamins packaged into “take-one-a-day” vitamin supplements. It’s absolutely […]