40: 7 Foods You Thought Were Bad For You … That Can Save Your Life

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Why You Should Listen:

If you ever shied away from fatty foods, good wine or even avoided the sun – you need to listen to this episode. There are foods we were raised to believe are harming us, our health, our body – these were all lies. In today’s show we cover 7 things you thought were bad for you, but will save your life.

Tune in to get all the information you need before your next trip to the grocery shop.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:02:10] Saturated fats and their amazing affect on your body
  • [00:14:00] You won’t believe how good salt is for you!
  • [00:25:50] The sun is not a food, but it creates foods in our body.
  • [00:28:40]  How red meat will save your life.
  • [00:31:40]   Fish and Mercury – how can it be good for you?!
  • [00:32:10] Coffee, tea and wine will make you feel just fine!
  • [00:36:00] What’s common to egg yolks, bacon, pork, cream and butter?
  • [00:37:45] Why are these incredibly healthy foods labeled as “baddies”?
  • For more information about any of the supplements or protocols mentioned in today’s episode please call us at: (801) 523-1890

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