38: 3 All-American Foods You Must Stop Eating … And What To Eat Instead!

White bread, oil and beans

Why You Should Listen:

Your kitchen, much like many other kitchens in the United States, contains 3 well-loved foods that are hurting you from the inside. They cause you to gain weight and be constantly tired, but that’s not the worst part of it all! These innocent looking foods will cause you to have vitamin deficiencies, clog up your arteries, deprive you from you libido, provoke heart attacks, and destroying your thyroid!

Tune in to find out what you should throw away right now, and even more important – what to have instead that will keep you full, healthy and happy!

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:01:30] The first food to stop eating – Margarine, vegetable and Canola oils
  • [00:02:20] The harmful affects of margarine and vegetable oils on your vascular system
  • [00:08:50] Cholesterol isn’t the “bad guy”!
  • [00:11:15] Find out if you have Omega 3 deficiency
  • [00:12:40] How Margarine was created
  • [00:13:30] STOP eating white bread. We mean it.
  • [00:18:00] What lack of B vitamin can cause
  • [00:20:40] Why Soy is a poor replacement for protein
  • [00:21:45] No sex drive? Perhaps it’s the soy you’re eating!
  • [00:28:45] Alternatives for these three non-foods

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2 thoughts on “38: 3 All-American Foods You Must Stop Eating … And What To Eat Instead!

  1. Denise Christian says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your amazing podcast. I look forward to hearing the new one every week. I just want to share all this information with everyone. You both have already made a huge impact in my and my families life. Thank you for what your doing!

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