182: The Forbidden Carnivore Diet – How to Lose 100 Pounds!


What does it take to lose 100 pounds? Let’s face it, most Americans need to lose weight. As the tidal wave of health problems from obesity threaten to swamp the boat of modern health care, it’s time for a reckoning. This hit close to home as our very own Dr. Josh Stockwell had life-changing health problems only one year ago.

This week, Dr. Josh saves the day on KTalk when another host failed to show up. And it just so happens that his life changing crisis, and the incredible discoveries he made while attempting to self-heal, make for a fantastic show; one that we had to share with our national audience. We owe it to future generations to not bankrupt our healthcare system, and we owe it to ourselves to get our own nourishment right.

Tune in to learn what it takes to take ownership and take control of diet and weight.


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3 thoughts on “182: The Forbidden Carnivore Diet – How to Lose 100 Pounds!

  1. Catherine Magee says:

    Wow, Dr. Josh, What amazing podcast to hear!!
    I am so sick and have been researching everything about what to do!!
    Last night all I listened to was all about the plant base diet with Colen Campbell, The China Study!!
    I was sure that was what I should do.
    Until listening to Dr. Josh on the carnivore diet!!
    Thank You So Much

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