125: Eat It Or Take It

Eat Liver Or take Supplements With Real Liver

This week Dr. Jack and Mary go to the heart of what we do at Forbidden Doctor. First a heart-breaking story of triplets falling victim to vaccination, and their parents falling victim to a Kafka-esque, indifferent medical system. Then we talk the science about one of the all-time great super foods: liver. And in this discussion we remind everyone of our real mission at Forbidden Doctor: education about how to nourish your own forbidden doctor within you.

We appreciate that the solutions we present to our cultural malnourishment are often products, but supplements are not always necessary, in principle. Whole food sources can still nourish us as much as we need. But eating adequately, including regular nutrient-dense organ meats can be expensive and unpleasant, which is why whole food concentrates in supplement form, are such a wonderful alternative.

Tune in to learn about the tragic cultural shift away from eating organ meats; particularly liver, and some of the best ways to prepare this amazing food you may not have considered.

Download the handout from today’s show

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