What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis DiagramOsteoporosis is a disease related to decreased bone mass and strength. In cases of marked osteoporosis, the body is either ridding itself of bone faster than it can create new bone, or it is simply not making enough bone to replace a normal rate of cell death.

During this process, because of the imbalance in the creation and/or destruction of bone tissue, the structure of the tissue changes over time. The lattice-work structure of the bone fiber becomes more sparse, with larger and larger gaps between the lattice. This directly causes the structural weakness normally associated with Osteoporosis that can lead to broken or deformed bones.

Are there common symptoms of Osteoporosis?

Symptoms can range from brittle bones or bone breakages from minor impact or pressure, to significant disfigurement of different types of bone in the body.

Bone breakages from osteoporosis can lead to permanent pain, lessened or complete lose of mobility in rare cases, and depression from the accumulation of other symptoms.

Osteoporosis can be incredibly disruptive, and is one of the more preventable diseases through nutrition and careful monitoring for the disease with a health professional. If you have osteoporosis in your family, you may be more susceptible to certain genetic and environmental causes of osteoporosis than the general population.

Can Osteoporosis Symptoms be Reversed?

Ultimately osteoporosis is brought on by many possible causes, but the one most often seen in our clinic is a diet high in grain and in over-cooked foods. Specifically a diet lacking in whole, unprocessed animal foods, or a diet causing any calcium consumed to be poorly used during digestion, such as low Vitamin D, or weak stomach acid, is going to put you on a path to weakened bone tissue, and ultimately, osteoporosis.

The amount symptoms can be reversed depends largely on the seriousness of the deficiencies in the body and the severity of any tissue deformity that may have already taken place. For great bone health, we recommend consumption of some of the raw materials used in bone formation, in as close to their natural state as possible. There are myriad nutrients and phytochemicals at play in bone creation. You couldĀ start daily with 2 cups of veal bone broth, 1/4 pound of bovine gristle, fat and tendons, 1 cup raw milk, 2 cups carrots, 1 cup dates, and then you need to find calcium lactate, and magnesium citrate, or you could just take some supplements we suggest, derived from the same materials. Many butchers are happy to provide the scraps off their meat cuts. The veggies and fruit are similarly possible to locate. The calcium lactate, and magnesium citrate, though, unfortunately, you can’t just go into your nearby vitamin store and locate these…

Bone, Marrow and LigamentsIt can be difficult supporting your body as it battles the symptoms of osteoporosis, especially given the nature of the raw food ingredients necessary to meet the nutritional profile of this protocol. No one wants to gnaw on ligaments and fatty tissue.

This protocol provides for raw bone, marrow, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other supporting tissue in a purified pill or powdered form. This supplement approach, along with a little walking around on your feet, can completely change your bone profile for the better.

If you are experiencing symptoms of osteoporosis, consult with your doctor about the best path forward. The supplement below is meant to support anything else you may do for the condition.

OsteoporosisĀ Protocol

Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell, CGP, have a specific supplement protocol for Osteoporosis however we do not recommend nutritional support for non-patients using generic protocols. To access our Patient-Only content on The Forbidden Doctor website, you must start by filling out our free Symptom Survey. Dr. Stockwell and his staff will review and provide customized supplement protocols for each new patient entering our practice. These personalized protocols will save you money immediately by guiding you to only the supplements you need. Once you are a patient who has been evaluated, you will be granted access to the Patient Portal and all of our Symptom Library protocols, including this one. There will also be a treasure trove of forbidden information that’s been kept from you for at least 90 years.
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